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total chaos!

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i haven't been on here in awhile and probably won't be much for awhile, the bottom rusted out on my hot water heater and has been leaking for a long time apparently, my laundry room, bathroom, and my daughters room, are completely destroyed...i have to replace the walls, floors and subfloors in all three rooms!so half of my house is a construction zone, and for all of you that have seen all the custom painting i've done in my home, well i have to start all over because the walls are coming down. the walls were so soft you could push your hand straight through the wall what a mess! so i will be working hard trying to get my house rebuilt
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That's terrible! I hope it goes as well as that sort of thing can go...
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MEGA Bummer!! Good luck with all the rebuilding and redecorating, and life in the midst of it! Come see us when you need a sanity break!
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Sorry to hear that, Merriam!!! That is definitely a big fat bummer. Good luck on the reconstruction! Hang in there!
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I'm so sorry It's horrible all of that custom painting has been ruined- that takes so much time and effort You've been missed around here!
Good luck with all of the work that is ahead. Please keep us updated when you can.
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thanks for your support everyone! here are a few pics of the devestation

that's only a small amount of it though...on the good side here is what i've gotten done in the kitchen and dining room!

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Oh, wow - that's a nightmare. Good luck with the rebuilding.
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I am very sorry you have such an expensive mess on your hands! Such a waste of your hard work! You are very creative, and I'm certain it will be beautiful again in time.
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i'm trying to think of all the things i can do better this time is me in my cute work outfit

can't be breathing in all that mold
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omg that's awful! lotsa vibes coming your way!!
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Wow what a bummer-all that mold and the summer weather won't help either.
But the floor and kitchen look great. Pretty rug too!! Good luck with the reconstruction project-its a biggy!!
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Sorry to hear that, Merriam!!! That is definitely a big fat bummer. Good luck on the reconstruction! Hang in there!
.....don´t give it up! Animo chick!

PS....:... you has a beutiful eyes! ...
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ok...before all the chaos began this is what my bathroom looked like...

and this is what my bathroom looks like at the moment...

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Good luck with it all. I can sympathise because the builders are currently demolishing the whole front wall of my new house before they can reroof it as they dicovered it is out of true and bulging at the top, plus the bad state of the stonework. All my moving in plans are on hold! I hope it will look as nice as yours - your work looks fantastic.
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
PS....:... you has a beutiful eyes! ...
You really do..

Good luck with getting everything fixed up
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the reconstruction is going much slower than i had wished...this is day number 4 without a bathroom, i do however have a new laundry room, getting ready to move the washer and dryer back in right's the pics...i should have a shower by tonight, but the toilet has to wait til i can tape and texture, and then that has to dry so i can paint before the toilet can go back...thank God for the wonderful neighbors i have otherwise you could say "i don't have a pot to piss in"

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Good luck with getting it all done. Day 4 without a bathroom! Yuck!! That must be really inconvenient. Hope it all gets back together soon
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the bathroom is far from done, but here's the progress, at least i have walls again

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Looks like things are starting to come along By the way, I LOVE the paint job you had in your bathroom- the dark and lime green contrasts...that is beautiful! And the tiling and rug in your kitchen look GREAT!
I'm just so sorry that this unexpected disaster has taken a big chunk out of your time and money
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thank you all for your support and for all your sweet comments...the first few days of this mess i cried, i stressed, and nothing went the way i wanted, everything seemed to just get worse and worse...however, i've gaines a new outlook, with one room done and the second underway, i believe this has been what you would call a blessing in disguise, half of my house will be brand new, and i think i'm going to do my daughters room different this time, and i'm very close to having a finished bathroom, we got the floor layed this morning, and my husband has been taping and texturing all day, which means tomorrow i'll be able to paint! i think we may get the shower and sink in tonight, depends on the plumber, i'm hopeful though...again, thanks everyone! you've been my sanity break amidst all the chaos, even if it hasn't been for long!
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still no bathroom, we got all our texturing done and everything is ready to go, i can start painting now, and we're just waiting for the plumber to come and install the shower and sink...she was supposed to come last night but didn't, and i'm hoping she'll come today, because once it's in we'll have to wait 24 hours for the caulk to set before we can actually start to use it...i'm getting very excited and can't wait to show off the pics, it's a totally different bathroom than before! i got everything in my laundry room last night and used my washer and dryer! yeah! so another night of bathing in diaper wipes! but hey at least i can have clean clothes now!
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oh my gosh! i'm freakin out here! my new shower and sink are being installed as we speak! and the plamber is going to put the new shower head up really high, because my husband has never had a shower he could stand all the way up in, because he's very tall, yeah!! i will have a new bathroom tonight!!
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