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What are your plans for the Christmas holiday?

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I work at a nursing home, and this year, I have to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and all of Christmas week!! Christmas just gets squeezed in when I'm not working!! Ha ha ha ha!!! I have to work every other Christmas so I'm used to it, and it's really not that bad!!! And, on Christmas day, there's always TONS of candy and cookies at work !!!

I was wondering what everyone else was doing for the holiday?
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Well, this year me and hubby and a couple of friends are going to a big cottage in the countryside......a big open fire, 50 bottles of wine, an endless supply of choccy/crisps/biscuits/any other food you like and a good book (or ten)..... set in a HUGE field with your own little pool......what more could you want?!!! ha ha ha ha......bliss......
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can I spend X-mas with you?!?!?!

sounds like heaven!
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Sure!! ha ha ha ha....When we get there, there is even a big tray full of freshly baked scones, two big pots of REAL Cornish clotted cream, and two big pots of jam...mmmmmm *drool*.....plenty to go round!
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Well hubby and I will have our own Christmas this year. Normally I would go up to my parents in Oklahoma but since we both took off for the wedding we can't go to my parents. I'm sure we will go see his family for a little bit since they live here in Houston but they have some "unique" Christmas traditions. I'm glad we will be having our very own Christmas but I will miss my family terribly!
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Christmas day will be quiet here. No company! Not sure what I will cook but probably a seafood gumbo. Since there will only be 3 of us there is no use doing a turkey. My daughter and her family will be home from Germany for good the end of December so we will have a big family get-to-gether then.

So I plan to just take it easy and spend as much time online that day with Wayne (KF) as possible. Lord I wish that I was going to Canada for Xmas....big sigh. Going to miss him real bad that day!

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Rhea, sign me up!! I'll be on a plane shortly....

Meme, is there any way you can go spend X-mas in Canada?
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AP ha ha ha We'll wait for ya!
Hey Meme, maybe you could ask your "Secret Santa" to send you a ticket?!!!
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No afraid not. Airline tickets are too high for one thing and I cant afford it. Also with my cousin so bad off I cant leave. Then my daughter is due in from Germany with her family just after xmas. Sigh. But sure would like to be up there instead...

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Christmas in the country sounds great! I have to work Christmas eve day, but will go to my parent's for our traditioanl European Christmas celebration on Christmaws Eve. We'll have sausage, saurkrout etc. Christmas day my inlaws will come for dinner & my hubby will cook a tradition turkey dinner with all the trimmings.
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My parents will be coming here for Christas. They live just 3 hours away so we see them quite a bit, but it'll be nice to have them here on Christmas. We usually do Christmas at their house, but a few months ago, their house flooded and it's still a huge mess. So we won't have to be traveling this year, which is nice. Hopefully my brother and his family will be here as well. We always get a Honey Baked ham for Christmas, so that will be really yummy. Now I just need to START my Christmas shopping!
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Hopefully it'll be a quiet day here. Nobody but me,mom and the cats. Mom gets the Christmas blues and goes all melancholy..she's already talking about no Christmas this year. It's hard to deal with old folks. At least I hope I won't be shovelling snow!!

On the bright side I'll be online with Barbara so we can keep each other's spirits up. Some day in the not too distant future I hope we'll be shaking the ornaments on our own Christmas tree. Even if Barb says I have to clean up the needles,etc off a real one...it'll be worth it.:LOL: :LOL: I'm afraid that once her Southern cooking gets around we might get LOTS of visitors. She's looking forward to seeing snow so that will be fun too.
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I will be doing zip, zero, nothing, and looking forward to it.

I am dedicating the day to complete solitude, and perhaps a movie.
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this christmas eve I am staying at mum and dads house and having a sleep over with my 1o year old brother. The family are having a family christmas dinner (normally mum does and a huge x-mas lunch for like 10 or more people) then On Boxing Day I am flying to England
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What's Cornish clotted cream????????????
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I'm going home to Mom and Dad's (like every year). Leaving the 22nd and coming back the 26th. It should pretty much be a madhouse with all the animals (my 2 babies, my mom's dog and cat, and my sister's dog and cat). My Mom works Christmas Day from 6 to 6 so we won't be opening presents until she gets home. I'll probably spend the majority of the day at my Grandfather's cooking Christmas dinner. Pretty much the same thing I do every year
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I'm flying to Michigan on Dec. 22 to spend Christmas with my former sister-in-law (sad isn't it that I get along better with her than my own brother) her husband, my nephew and his new wife. I am so excited. I'll be there for 5 days and fly back on Dec. 26th, going straight to work (UGH!).

As far as my furbabies are concerned, my friend is coming in to feed them and scoop. She's a saint!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and joyous holiday!
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Christmas is not a national holiday here, so no time off work for hubby However we are invited over to his brother's house for a Christmas day lunch (his brother's girlfriend is English and a Christian) and I think my brother and his wife will probably also invite us, perhaps for Christmas eve (yes... my brother's wife is also English and a Christian - strange coinsidence). So, we will be joining the celebrations of our British in-laws. I bought them a chocolate Santa package and I need to figure out some proper presents for them. Luckily, there's no shopping rush here, so I can wait till next week.
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I think we're just staying home, sleeping in, and relaxing all day. We'll probably open gifts sometime Christmas morning, and call all our family and friends to wish them a merry Christmas. I'm thinking about cooking a ham and having mashed potatos, but I'm not going to go all out. I'm looking forward to having a relatively relaxing day.
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I am having Christmas dinner at my house this year, but we are having it on Sunday Dec. 23rd instead of Christmas day, because my husbands sister has to work on Christmas.

I will be having 18 people here for dinner. YIPES!!!

But I am really looking forward to it. My meal plan is :

Bone in Ham ( I got a 17 lb. one )
Mashed potatoes/gravy
cheese potatoes
green bean casserole
blueberry-pineapple jello salad
relish tray

and desert is:

Black raspberry pie
Peanut butter pie

I am going to start cooking the day before, so many things will be done ahead of time.
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We are having my family here too. So there will be about 12 of us. We are opening gifts on Xmas eve probably so I'll have more time on Christmas morning to prepare dinner. I still haven't decided on the whole menu, but so far I know I am making ham with the trimmings. And my mom is bringing desserts....that helps a lot!!
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We're going to hubby's parents' house up North (Flagstaff) Not sure if I am ready to go .... I personally would rather stay at home, or just go up there for half a day. But no, we are staying over night .... atleast it's in a hotel, though. Oh, well .... what can I do
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Well... I am going to spend Christmas holidays in England ( I live in Portugal), near Cambridge with my husband parents... My kids are dreaming of snow... They have never seen it!!! Weather forecast is predicting snow for Christmas in the Cambridge area so maybe their dream will be fulfilled... I sure hope so! My dream is to see their reactions to snow!!!

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Hay Anne-Claire!! Im not too far from Cambridge! Im hoping it snows too!! Can't wait!!! Hope you have a great time here, have you been before?
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Last time I was in England was some... 20 years ago... It must have changed a lot since then!! I am looking forward to this trip...


(I'll be in the town of NewMarket: I have been told that's a "horse town"...)
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I haven't personally been to Newmarket, but I hear its a lovely town....Let me know what you think!!
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I'll be taking a lot of photos! Unfortunately, mu parent's in law don't have cats... And I will miss my babies terribly...

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Oh well..... Im sure they'll be fine!! You might see some horses!!! Be sure to post the pics when you get back!! I'd love to see!

Ps, will you be taking your sketch book/painting equipment?!!
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Debby - I don't envy you!! I did Thanksgiving at my house for only 11, and it was difficult, to say the least. I told my brother that his house would be great for Christmas this year. Let them deal with the mess!
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Originally posted by BodLover

Ps, will you be taking your sketch book/painting equipment?!!
Yes! I am always travelling with a light painting equipment...

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