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Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

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Reading Susie's thread about where we all were ten years ago, I thought it would be interesting to see where we hope (or think) we'll be in ten years time!

I hope to be running a successful business and living in Newquay! I will also have a Type 1 Splitscreen VW Camper - fully restored to it's original state! I will have a perfectly healthy knee and go surfing everyday - even competing!

So, where do all of you see yourselves?!
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10 yrs ... my daughter will be 18 yrs old, she'll be graduating June of 2015. So I'll be planning a HUGE party at my house with all her friends and whatever family I have left in the area.

I'll still be in the same house, because, it's been a part of my life since I was 5 yrs old, and I have grand plans for it! I plan on giving my daughter the car I have now & after she's got that one, buying myself a 2-seater hot-rod so I can start my mid-life crisis...

10 yrs from now... most of my current beloved monsters will have gone on to the Bridge... I don't like thinking about that. But I DO know that I will continue to rescue strays & I will always have many pets.

10 yrs from now... I still plan on being lively & fun, cuz I refuse to age.
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I'll be 31 - finished with grad school for two years and hopefully working as a clinical psychologist in private practice. Still living here in Toronto. Hopefully married, and hopefully own a condo downtown. Oh, and I'd like to have one more kitty, so five in total, by then. Those are the major things.
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Well, I'd be 32. I will have probably finished my PhD in Counselor Education a few years prior (I'm shooting for 28 with that one) and probably will be in the process of builing up clientel in a practice with someone else, so that I may successfully transition to my own private practice a few years down the road. I should be married by then and probably have one kid. Waffle will be 13, if I marry Brendan his little Hida will be 10, we'll probably have a third kitty by that time, and also a rescued greyhound. I have no clue where I'll be living, but I'll be in my first home so it doesn't have to be my "dream home" (that will come once I get my own practice), just some place with a warm and comfortable feeling. I'm thinking things will be great 10 years from now.
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I love dreaming about this
Bradley and I will have been married for (hopefully) 8-9 years by then and have a couple of kiddos. We'll probably be on our second home, somewhere on the water. Eppie will be 14 and Cosie will be 10. We'll probably have at least one more kitty and probably a golden retriever or Yorki as well.
Career-wise, I'll have obtained my Masters of Public Administration (government track) and will be working with the either Democratic Party or as a lobbyist.
Mostly, in 10 years, I just hope I'm happy
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In ten years? Hmmmm...well, we'll both be retired by then. Unlikely that we'll still be in the same house, because we know the landlord eventually has other plans for the property, but it will likely be a similar situation, in a similar area. Or perhaps we'll retire to Vancouver Island.

Rob will likely be doing something to do with computers on a casual basis; I may or may not be involved in that. I hope we'll have similar land around us so that we can enjoy a garden. I will likely find something to volunteer at, and might feel inclined to try my hand at catering in a small way.

Kitties...Suzy will be 16 and Cindy and Fawn will be 14. We like how 3 works, so barring the unforeseen it will probably just be the five of us.
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In ten years - in a smaller home, definitely! 2750 square feet and a double lot is far too much for this retiree to take care of even now.

In twenty years - I hope not in a nursing home! But since I will have no family that I'd expect to take care of me if my health gets that bad, I'm prepared for that possibility.
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i would be turning 29... gosh 29 now sounds so old!
hopefully married, with a few kids, and still have teufel.. with a few more kits.. and a nice job as a receptionist..
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I hope to be retired from teaching, relaxing, maybe traveling some, and doing private tutoring to make some extra money.
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All I can picture is me, sitting at this desk, browing message boards. Oh and I'll be 47. ACK!
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In ten years... I will definitely be out of Toronto by then, in a small northern Ontario community, doing reference work at the local public library, will have bought a charming little house, hopefully will have a decent BF/husband, will be spending a lot of time doing outdoor activities in the garden and surrounding forest and lakes, with 2 aging Russian Blues and 2 spritely Siamese kitties.
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In 10 years, I'll be 36 (almost 37). yikes!!

Hopefully I'll have a PhD in history by then and I will be teaching in a small University... maybe in the US if I can.
I'll also be getting in trouble a few times for being a political activist.

I might have a small house or an apartment. Maybe by then I'll have enough time and space for a dog (Rottweiler or Rottweiler cross ). Both my kitties should still be around. Joshua will be almost 12 and Kinah 10 1/2.

I wont be married. I might be living with someone, maybe even have kids. Or maybe I'll just be single forever and I can become the neighborhood's crazy cat lady and people will think I'm a witch.
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In 10 years time...mmm I know what I wish but I doubt it will come true.

I want to be living in Holland or Aussie, and that me and my hubby (he will be by then) are designing and building our very own house.

That my design business will be a great hit and that I'll be able to live of it (as I am long term sick) and still work from home.

And the thing I hope the most...That we'll have a child. Although I don't know if that will ever happen but to me thats the most important.

Mmm I so hope in 10 years time some of above has happened.

Eva x
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10 years from now? Well, I'd probably have the same job, hopefully I would have moved into a house, be married, have my two cats (gosh they'd be getting old), and be using my 3.2 GHz computer with satellite internet still browsing TCS...and hoping that Susie would be posting pictures of her entertaining kitties.

In reality, I'd probably still be single, live in an apartment, have added several more cats as to qualify as the weird cat lady who lives alone, still have my job, and still be using this slow 800 Mhz computer!!
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I don't know, I never think ahead. I try to just live in the present the best I can possibly do. The only things I hope for certain are that Sash and all my loved ones are still with me.
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In 10 years, I'll be 33. I plan on still being married to my wonderful husband, but definitely not living where we are now. I'm not sure where we will be, but I hope I will have finished college (finally) and be teaching math at a high school somewhere. If we're lucky enough to have settled somewhere permanent by then, we will have added two great danes to our family and maybe by then I'll feel ready for kids. I'm hoping we'll be in a house by then instead of an apartment, but I guess that depends on where we are and if my husband is still in the military (if so, there will be lots of moving still to come.)
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Originally Posted by dicknleah
All I can picture is me, sitting at this desk, browing
message boards. Oh and I'll be 47. ACK!

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In 10 years I will be 30. Honestly, I have no idea what the cards have in store for me.

What I would **like** to see would be me settled. In a nice farm house with lots of land. Where I could run my own shelter. Maybe kids. Who knows. I just want to be happy.

I would also like to be more traveled. I've lived in numerous place but I've never really "seen" anything. I want to experience life. Egypt, Paris, London, Tokyo, Milan, Madrid.... there has got to be more than Trenton, NJ. lol I would also love to take a summer off and road trip around the US.

There are so many things to see and do. I don't want to wake up in 10 years and realize I haven't done anything.
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In ten years I'll be 35 and happily married for ten years. I'm sure I'll have two cats, a dog, a rabbit, and a bird of some sort. I'll have finished my second masters, probably in social work, and be starting a D.Min. in pastoral psychotherapy. I hope that I will be working at a hospital as a chaplain and pastoral counselor, preferably in Flagstaff, Arizona, or somewhere equally as beautiful. My husband (I just love saying that!), will be a flight paramedic/nurse flying his helicopter all over the Southwest. We both just really want to live in the Southwest and to be doing what we love most!
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We got alot of youngens on this board!!

In ten years, I'll be 46 and will have been teaching elementary school for about 6 years.

I'll have a cat rescue for old and deformed cats named after my first real cat, Whiskey. He most likely will be gone by then so it would be called "Whisky's House - Home for Old Cats", or something along that line.

I will have been coaching Youth Soccer for a number of years.

If the politics of this country get much worse, I will be in Vancouver or Toronto, BC Canada. Or maybe Europe.
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Well hopefully in ten years, I'll be completely out of the debt I'm in now. Student loans suck and for that matter so do car payments. I'm hoping to buy a house in four maybe five years so I hopefully in ten years will be settled in nicely.

Gandalf and Samwise will both be pulling 12 years then and maybe I'll have another cat or two, I'm planning on getting another after I buy a house and have the room for them and maybe get a dog.

Hopefully I won't be working this same job and maybe not even work for the same company but then I didn't think I'd be working here for eight years when I started so who knows.

As far as family goes, I'll still be single as I don't see myself getting married but hopefully I'll have found a nice man to settle down with and who knows what's in the cards. Maybe even have a child or two.

Hopefully the house I buy will be next door to house my cousin buys as it would be nice to have family close by for my children to grow up with. At any rate that is the plan that we have at this point.

But really who knows where I'll be in ten years.
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