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When's the last time........

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You just sat and talked to someone all evening without turning the tv on once?!
Jerry and I did that last night, and how nice it was. We just sat on our front porch, talked to neighbors, eachother, etc and I don't remember a more relaxing evening..........
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Congrats I love the simpler evenings when you don't need to distract yourself with a tv or anything else, and just simply be with people you love
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My mom and I talk alot like that
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It has been a long long time. I wish my husband could do that but he is addicted to the freaking tv.
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It happens most around here in summer, when we often eat on the back porch, and just sit there in the night air, watching the diminishing light, the appearance of the stars, etc, and gabbing off and on. It'll resume in earnest in a few weeks when we start vacation...
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I like that doing that too. The last time I did that was porbbaly last Summer.
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I did that last night as well with two of my neighbours, but i do that every friday when i'm out with friends.
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When my best friend and I went down to FL 2 weeks ago....we talked the ENTIRE 6.5 hour drive without turning on the radio once......talked nonstop throughout the trip....and talked without interruption on the whole drive back. Our throats were sore by the end of the trip, but it was so worth it .
Susie, I'm glad you and Jerry have that type of relationship. Communication is so important and it's wonderful when you can enjoy that type of evening together .
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Well let's see: a few weeks back, we lost power one lightening-filled evening. My daughter and I lit a bunch of candles and sat at the kitchen table and drew really silly, funky pictures. It was SO much fun. I told her, I wish we'd lose power more often! When we have electricity, I tend to be running around cleaning or doing laundry and she has certain shows she likes during the evenings.

It's nice to just do that... sit & chat. Sometimes I really hate television.
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Now that all the reruns are on TV I for instance was out weeding until about 9:00 last night then Neil lit up a big brush pile and we actually didn't go into house until 9:30. But he didn't turn on TV either!! Men and TV's can't just pry the remote out of their fingers sometimes!! But Neil will watch some of the WWII DVD's I got for him for Christmas (again) instead of a TV show.
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That sounds lovely It's amazing how much TV takes over hey?

Last night I sat out in the garden with a baileys chatting with my neighbour Lyn. We share the garden so we were both sitting on the same bench watching Guinness and BamBam acting like children!

Last summer we spent quite a few Sunday afternoons reading the newspapers, gardening etc and having a good old chat. I will miss her when she moves though
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We try to do it every weekend at least during the morning sunday!!! no TV no Radio, just talk and is soo delicious!!!
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