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the attack of the window kitties! they are so adorable! and I just love how grown Cooper is! i remember him as just a little baby and he's grown into such a beautiful cat!
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Aww, thanks to you too Lacey!

P.S. Why didn't you enter Juicy in the Petendipity contest?
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Juicy was in it a few months back. He was in the lead for a while, then some dog's owner posted him on a crap load of forums and then he went ahead hundreds of votes. His other pets were winners in the months prior. It made me mad. I worked so hard.

lol! I haven't the energy to try again...
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Is he the one with the dogs that won for Jan/Feb? If so, I thought something was weird there. I even voted for Juicy every day from my computer at work. Anyway, I'm just glad they changed the rules.
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yep, that's when it all went down!

Thanks for voting for Juicy, though!!!
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You're welcome.
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I wish it were possible to show you the "window" pic I would like to show you. Unfortunately, it happens late at night, in circumstances in which we never have a camera handy. So you'll just have to settle for a verbal description.

Picture two humans arriving home at 11 pm or later. It's dark.

The basement of the house is basically at ground level, so the main floor of the house is up ten feet or so. The study -- which of the rooms at the back of the house has THE best window -- is lit, and there in the window, which is slightly open, is Miss Suzy, watching all that is to be seen, including the approach of the prodigal humans.

As the humans approach the house, it is apparent that Sooz is following our progress, for her head turns further and further straight down, and then speech is heard.

"Meow!" "Hi, Sweetie." "Meow!" "What's up?" "Meow!" "Did you take good care of the house?" "Meow!"

And as we approach the stairs, to the left of the study window, and proceed up, her head continues following our progress. And miraculously, by the time we've reached the door, she's there demanding to be let out.

Wish I had a video -- words don't quite cut it.
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Originally Posted by Roxy_loves_CJ

So many sweet pics on this thread -- love Juicy and his Mum, too!
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Meeko enjoying a nap in the sun on the windowsill.

Essie doing the same.

And Phineas.

Enjoying the breeze and 'talking' to my mom.

He didn't like having these books on *his* windowsill, so they're now gone!

"What the heck is that?!"


Henry also had a close encounter with the squirrel.

Checking something out.

Close up.

Okay, I'm done! I do have pictures of them together in the windowsill, but unfortunately none of them are uploaded to photobucket at the moment.
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Great pictures everyone!

Originally Posted by LaceyDF
Great thread! I have tons of Juicy-in-the-window pics! It's practically his favorite thing to do!
Here's some of Juicy:
This is my favorite---it's Juicy as a baby and his momma, Grace:

AWW, Juicy looks just like his momma!! He is a very handsome kitty!
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Here are some pics of the half-kid.... She was in full bird-watching mode. Chittering and everything

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Originally Posted by mferr84
AWW, Juicy looks just like his momma!! He is a very handsome kitty!
Thanks!!! I love that picture. His momma, Grace, is owned by Amie ("Emma's Friend").
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Here's Sash not really looking out the window but he loves to lay on the chair by the window. He will occasionally peak out if something catches his interest, like the other day when the big doggie was down below.

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I was able to get these two together, bird watching.
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Originally Posted by Chester&Piper
Awww, what a cute picture!

Here's Chester and Ariel when she was just a baby:

and the three of them a couple of weeks ago:

That first one should be over in "Caption This"

That is so adorable!!!!
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Oliver peering out

Whisky is the pudgey one on the right!

They don't have much to look at as I face a fence, so the occasional squirrel, bird and neighbor cat gets their attention.
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*way to big of a picture*
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I love all of these pictures. What cute babies!

Here is one of my favorites of Abby. We had just moved to this house when we adopted Abby and there were boxes EVERYWHERE! Nothing was going to keep her from the window though!

Here is one of my poor Molly from a few years ago. It's not the clearest picture, but I've alwyas liked it. It was taken near Christmas near one of my window candles with the sun jsut started to come up outside.

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These pictures of TCS kitties are beautiful.
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molly looks like a christmas card!
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Spike on left with Tango on the right..

From left to right- Buddy, Spike, Zebra and Tango


Zebra staring at something outside
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Originally Posted by Pamela
Spike on left with Tango on the right..

Looks like they are doing a dance!
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An old one of Tippy


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Here's another one I took of Ariel yesterday sleeping on the perch in my room.

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Shadow and Fin
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Ricky in the window, I think he sees a bird

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I call this "Neighborhood Watch:"

Catching a few rays on a sunny afternoon:

Outside looking in, or what?


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GREAT pictures everyone!
This is one of my favorite pictures of Eppie, ever!
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