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Updates with Pictures

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Hi everyone I've been missing in action for awhile.....a lot going on....but I haven't forgotten about all you and wanted to jump on here and give everyone an update.

First off, Thomas and Cooper are doing well. They have grown into fine young men and will be turning one year old on July 30th. It's hard to believe it's been that long since they were born in my bedroom. I don't have any new pictures of Abby or Cooper right now because those two are the most uncooperative.

Thomas still sleeps all the time.....he has learned the ways of the cat very well.

Shelby got to go outside for a few minutes the other day to enjoy the sunshine.

And Leo sat and pouted at the front door. He can't go out because he tries to run off.

Mr. Big quit coming around for awhile, but he finally showed back up a couple weeks ago. He looks terrible now though. He's lost so much weight that I think he's smaller than Leo now and he used to dwarf him. He just looks really sick. I still haven't caught him since he stopped coming for awhile. Now I'm having to earn his trust all over again.

This was Big back when he first started coming to my house.

And this is Big now.

This is our newest addition......although she's not going to stay here. As much as I'd love to keep her.....five cats is enough and I just can't do it. My oldest daughter found this sweet little girl in the woods near the lake when she went out to the lake yesterday. Jamie looked everywhere for a momma cat or any sign or more kittens and couldn't find any. This kitten is what I call a pastel calico.....with very muted colors. She appears to be about 6 weeks old and is just the biggest love bug you've ever seen. The strange thing about her is that she can't meow. She is very talkative....but when she opens her mouth to meow.....nothing comes out....sometimes there's a tiny squeak...but nothing more than that. She looks to be in good shape....maybe a little dehydrated, but she's drinking a lot of water. She purrs very loud and rubs her face on you and already walks around your feet curling her tail around your leg and she even stands up on her hind feet to be picked up. She's just the sweetest little thing! I plan to take her to the vet tomorrow and get her checked out and then start the process of finding her a good home. She's going to make someone an awesome pet because I can tell already that she's a special little girl with a super sweet personality. She's sitting on my lap as I type this, giving my arm a bath.

Isn't it funny how one of her "eyebrows" curls?

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Lovely pictures! The little kitten is so cute, do you have a name for her?

I used to have a cat that couldn't meow too, he opened his mouth but all that came out was a low squeak! I think his share of voice went to one of our other cats, who is the most vocal kittie I've ever known!

Good luck with finding kittie a home
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It's great to see you badk. I've missed you and your wonderful pictures. Do you have any new pix of Thomas and Cooper? I'd love to see how they look these days.
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Robin - it's really good to see you! Mr. Big sure does look like he's fallen on hard times. I hope it's just that he hasn't had access to good food and nothing more... My goodness, that kitten is simply adorable! Of course, I'm quite partial to dilute torties anyway.

Beautiful pictures all around, as always.
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Robin!, weve wondered where you've been?!. Hope everything is ok though!.

The cats are as gorgeous as ever, but what a shock i got when i saw Mr Big Like Heidi said i hope thats just through lack of food and nothing else, he looks grubby as well the poor baby I hope you can trap him soon.

And that kitten is just so sweet!
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Poor Mr. Big. I hope he's ok. The kitten in the picture is so cute!!
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Hey Robin, Glad to see you back All the pictures are fantastic as usual. MR. Big sure looks like he had a rough time while he was away. I wish that I could give that new baby a home....she is a beauty
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Everybody looks wonderful. I'm sorry about Mr. Big. He knew who to come back to when he was starving. Wish we could see Abby and Cooper soon. Great photos!!
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wow i hope mr big is ok!! He sure looks scruffy... That kitten is adorable!!! If only I had my own house That last picture is going to be my new background! GORGEOUS!! What kind of camera was that taken with??? Good luck finding her a good home.
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The kitten is precious!

Mr. Big... He looks so much smaller. I could hardly recognize him.

The pictures are really great.You are a outstanding photographer.

I made a thread about you. We missed you, Robin.
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Yeah poor Mr. Big isn't so big anymore. I don't know what's wrong with him...if it's simply lack of food or if he's with FIV or something. He just looks so pitiful....his fur has lost all its luster (even more so than before) and I just can't get over how much weight he's lost.

This new little kitten is just the cutest thing. She's so outgoing and loving. Earlier, she sat up on my shoulder and licked my neck until she fell asleep. She loves to be held but it's funny because I can't hear her when she tries to get my attention until she keeps trying even harder and finally manages to get out a little "squawk". LOL I've been feeding her the kitten formula and she LOVES that stuff and is eating it like a champ. She doesn't seem to like the regular cat food yet. Initially, I tried to feed the formula to her with a bottle but she was trying to suck it out so fast that she bit the nipple in half and bit my hand by mistake. I've started putting it in a bowl now and she does better with that. She has learned the litter box right away and is pooping and peeing fine. She's just so alert and loves to play and is going to make someone a wonderful companion.

I'll try to get some new pictures of Thomas and Cooper. They are my sweetest boys! They are both very spoiled (of course) and are both the biggest lovers.

There's a few pictures of them at my photo database where I store some of my pictures, but I think you all have seen most of these. Photos
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I got a few more pictures this morning and finally got a couple of Cooper too....although he's hard to photograph because he doesn't sit still and usually walks toward me whenever he sees me.

More pictures of the little orphan kitten my daughter found. Isn't she just the cutest thing?

This is when she was snuggling with Abby this morning. I was really proud of Abby for being such a good surrogate mommy. She even gave the new kitten a good bath.

This is my favorite one. She was sitting on the edge of the couch looking out the window.

Thomas and Cooper checking her out.


Kitten playing with Garfield. You all remember Garfield? This used to be one of Thomas and Cooper's favorite toys when they were little.

Cooper playing with the kitten.

Thomas and the kitten. She started walking toward me while I was trying to get the picture.

And here's Thomas

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Good to see you back Robin! Great new pics! The little kitten is so precious (and photogenic)!!! Are you SURE you can't keep her???
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Good to see you back Robin! Great new pics! The little kitten is so precious (and photogenic)!!! Are you SURE you can't keep her???
No...I wish I could because she is the biggest love bug you've ever seen! I'm not sure I've seen a kitten this small who gives head butts and kisses as much as she does. She absolutely loves to be held. In fact, she doesn't like to be by herself much at all. She has to be cuddling with somebody. She's actually laying on my lap right now since she's figured out how to climb up the computer chair and get in my lap. She also seems very smart for her age. She remembered where her litter box was right off and hasn't missed once. We have to be careful though because she is so small and tends to sneak up on us.....I'm scared I'll step on her. (almost did earlier today when she was right behind my feet and I didn't know it) And since she can't meow...she's very quiet. (but she does have a very loud motor )
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great to hear from you Robin

thankyou for updating us with pictures - you know we can never get enough of your bunch and they are gorgeous as usual

The new kitten surely is adorable and she is going to make some new owner very happy i am sure. My Cedar didnt meow when he was a kitten either. Its so cute seeing them open their mouth, meow but no sound comes out... awwwww, but now that he is a year old he most certainly can meow - so in time she may find her voice

awwwww poor Mr Big - I surely hope that he isnt sick and it is just the lack of food that has effected him. He almost doesnt look like the same kitty does he? Are you going to be able to trap him and get him to the vet do you think? or what are your plans? awwww poor fella - my heart certainly goes out to him.
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Robin!! Long time no see chica.... We miss you bunches. Sorry everything has gotten crazy so no posting... Hope things calm down soon so you could come back and post. Lovely piccies btw!!
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Poor Big! He's still handsome though! I hope you can earn his trust again! The new little one is adorable, what a sweetie! And of course your babies are gorgeous as always!
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That little girl is too precious too be true!

I can't believe how big the boys are!
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Robin, it is so nice to see you!!

Thanks for the new pictures.
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Oh those pictures were brilliant Robin

Sophies meow as a kitten was a squeek, and she still sounds like that sometimes unless she lets out one of her "i want some attention!" meows
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I sure wish I could take her!! I looove those picures of her. Finnegan didn't meow very good either but he'll be a year in July and he can sure let you know when he wants something now!! lol I love his meow cuz its such a high pitch.
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WELCOME BACK! As you can see, MANY of us missed you, your stories and your FANASTIC pics!!

THANK you for the update with various pics!! All your furbabies looks GREAT-especially Cooper!!! The new kitten looks soo DARLING!! I'm sure you will be able to find her a great home soon due to her striking looks and loving personality!

I was really shocked to see how terrible Mr. Big looks now and agree with the rest- hope it was due to lack of food and not other issues... I'll be sending you "Good luck" vibes regarding getting him to trust you SOON so you can get him to the vet if possible.... Or perhaps borrow a trap and get him checked out?

Looking forward to more pics!
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Oh my god! It looks like she has great big sunflowers in her eyes! It even looks like there is a field of sunflowers behind the big one taht is around her pupil! That is the best picture I have ever seen.. at first I thought you did something to it to make her eyes like that, but no, they are natural..

It really does look like there is a field of sunflowers in her eyes...

and now that I lookat that picture again.. with the orange going up to her forehead, and the orange on the sides.. it looks like little yellow/orange petals.

I think sunflower would be a good name for this kitten
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Robin, it's so good to see you, and the new pics are soooo awesome!!!! It's a shame you can't keep that precious kitten, but I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding an excellent home for her!!!
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Welcome back, Robin! The pictures are terrific, and the little kitten one of the cutest I've ever seen. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Mr. Big is healthy, and just needs some good meals.
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Such lovely furpeople, as always, and such lovely pics. The new wee one is so beautiful, if you painted her, nobody would believe it. Someone is going to have a real sweetie! Hope Mr Big just needs food and care, and learns to trust you again. Perhaps the fact that he came to you in time of need says that he does still trust, but just needs to remind himself of that.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Such lovely furpeople, as always, and such lovely pics. The new wee one is so beautiful, if you painted her, nobody would believe it. Someone is going to have a real sweetie! Hope Mr Big just needs food and care, and learns to trust you again. Perhaps the fact that he came to you in time of need says that he does still trust, but just needs to remind himself of that.

Well said Frannie! Glad to have you back Robin!!! Can't wait to see all of the kits pics again. I'd take that new kitty off your hands in a minute if I could!
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