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Scabs underneath fur

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We have recently got a new cat and we have noticed tiny scabs beneath her fur all around her body. We think it might be contagious but not too sure! N e ideas??
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Take her to the vet and have her assessed. Anytime you bring a new animal into your home, even if the animal appears to be healthy, a vet visit is warranted.
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Not sure what it could be but SA-37 may help. It's for healthy skins, coats and general all round well being. My cat doesn't have dandruff anymore since using it, his coat is like silk.
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Shem- Is this a shampoo or a tablet?? Pfft i wouldnt have a clue!! I live in Australia not sure if they would have it here but its worth a try! Thanks
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Just an idea, but years ago we picked up a stray that had been hit by a car and ended up keeping him. He was all scabby as well and it turned out that he had excma (sorry can't spell it) caused by an allergy to flea bites and the flea saliva. When we had got rid of the infestation of worms and fleas, with the vet's help, he grew a beautiful coat.
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i just took my cat to the doctor for scabs and sores under the fur, and it turned out to be an allergic reaction to fleas. he was given a shot to stop the irritation and itching, one treatment of advantage flea treatment, and a bottle of tresaderm to put on the open sores.
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