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Oh, Hiss, how terrible and frustrating! Very sorry to hear this. I hope you can get this sorted out soon.

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Hissy, I e mailed you, but I would talk to the vet about A) Prozac and if that does not seem to help within a week, I would talk to them about anti seizure medications.
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Hissy - here is a get well wish for little Bacardi!
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Bacardi is now on Kitty Prozac and her respirations have slowed down considerably. Last night, the first time in months, when I called her she actually came across the room and leaped on my lap. She slept there for an hour and although I did not pet her, she seemed quite content to be with us on the couch. She has stopped attacking objects that aren't there, and she is noticeably calmer and nicer. I do hope that something besides drugs will help her long term, but until they figure out what it is that she has, I will keep her on Prozac
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I'm so glad for you two! It's so good to hear that the prozac is helping and I wish that you discover the underlying factor quickly. Keep us updated about the little angel
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I am tickled pink! that Bacardi is doing so much better. Good Job Kitty mom!!
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Fantastic news for you and Bacardi! Very happy to hear it!

What a great pet you are to your cats!

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