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My home is going to be on TV!

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My friend, Rene, is a realtor, and last fall they started filming him for an upcoming episode of House Hunters on HGTV. They scheduled the follow-up filming for this spring, and decided they needed more homes to show as "the ones that didn't fit our needs". They needed 2br/1ba condos in my neighborhood, so Rene asked if they could use mine...of course I said yes!

Since I'd renovated my enclosed porch, had my dining room ceiling replaced, and took on foster kittens, prior to knowing about this, my place was in complete disarray! The last few weeks I've done all the things I've put off...rearranging closets, moving stuff to my basement storage locker, throwing crap out, and, of course CLEANING (which I must confess I ended up hiring someone to do...I couldn't do it all in time). I also had to replace some things since the unfortunate incident when I accidently locked my kitty in my bedroom when I went to work (let's all pause for a moment of silence in memory of my down comforter, duvet cover, sheets, and a gym bag)...so I had to scurry over to Linens 'N Things today to purchase a new matelasse & matching sheets. But it's all done. Finally!

They come tomorrow morning (Friday) at the unholy hour of 6:30 am. I do believe that will mark the first time I'll have ever seen my condo at that hour! Since that is only a few hours away, I guess I should toddle off to bed! Thank God I don't have to be on camera...my condo can look presentable at that hour, I however, cannot.

I hope I don't go through all this only to have it end up "on the cutting room floor" I'll update and let you all know how it went, and when it will air!
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Wow Kelly, that's incredible! You must be very excited. I think I would obssess over every little detail! Do you know the air date? CONGRATS!!!!!
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Sounds cool. Congratulations.
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I can scarcely wait to see your place!!! And I do hope they show the kitties!
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Oh how exciting!
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that's awesome!!! Keep us updated!
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Wow how exciting. I would have to hire a bunch of people to get the house into shape!!
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Well good for you, if it were me they would have to give me a months notice Hope it turns out great.
My hubby keeps saying were running out of bedrooms because of the cats
And the room the babies are in is my Cat room, full of kitty cat collectables, that of course I had to like put up, cat wallpaper cat tapstries, cat this stuffed cats beenie baby cats, fat cats, cat collectables that are glass and cat lamps, then 5 baby real ones and they are the best of all the stuff in there
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Thats awesome!! John and I watch that a lot so let us know when It'll be on and I'll try to remember to watch it! lol
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How exciting!!! 6:30am? Ack! Looking forward to hearing all about it!
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Well they were here today! As promised, they got here at 6:20am. Of course it was a drizzly, yucky day...that did not help wake me up. They filmed my friend, Rene and the "buyers" until 10am, and then shot each room until 12pm. It was a pretty interesting process, but not something I would like to do on a regular basis...I think once the novelty wore off, it could be pretty boring. I got to watch most of the filming, and watch on one of those little monitor thingies. My place looked awesome through the lens!

Elizabeth: I did obsess over all the details! When they were going from room to room, I was fluffing pillows, straightening curtains, etc. I don't know if I was a hindrance or a help!

Catsknowme: They did not show any kitties My poor girl was in the "cat relocation" program today. I had to keep moving her from room to room so she wouldn't be in any shots. In all fairness to the crew, she's a talker, and deaf, so she is pretty loud! The two foster kitties are fairly skittish, and my feral boy would absolutely lose his little kitty mind if those lights and camera were pointed at him, so they were off limits.

Gail: I did hire people to help!

Globalspot, Sam, Lacey, & Stacey: Thanks! It really was fun! I'll definitely post when I find out the air date!

Lois: Fortunately I did have some notice (about 3 weeks), so I definitely had to kick it into high gear. It sounds like you have quite the collection of kitty paraphernalia! There is a distinct lack of "cat decor" here...one calendar.

Dawn: "Ack!" indeed! Like you, I'm a night owl!

I have to confess, I had never actually seen the show before...I just watched my first episode. It was weird 'cause I recognized alot of the shots & camera angles!
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That is just cool! I thought most of those shows were filmed in California. I would love to watch, keep us updated for when it will air.
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How cool. I love to watch HGTV.. will be neat to see your house. Hope it turns out well.
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It sounds like you had quite the day Kelly! I don't have cable, but I've still seen a fair amount of those types of shows. Let us know if you get an air date on your footage!
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Please post to let us know when the air time is!!! It's funny because I was just looking around and thinking, I wish someone would motivate me to clean this house. Maybe I need to get help. Well, I think if it were going to be shown on TV, that would be motivation LOL
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I have a question... are the prospective buyers actors? I often wondered if the people on that show were really looking for a house, and if those houses were really for sale (I guess not is all it appears to be!).

We watched one episode from Alaska and all the houses they looked at were absolutely stunning... would be waaaaaaaaaaayyyy our of our league!
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awesome!!! I can't wait to find out when it will be on, so I can watch it!!!
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How exciting! Sometimes, when I am channel surfing, I stop & get hung up on an episode of that show. Did they put a bid on your place? I will look for the air date.
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Woaw Kelly! are you excited? cool for you!
Record it!
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Kelly, when is it going to be on TV Make sure you let us know
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Beckiboo: Yeah, I had no idea where they filmed, but they say they film all over, and are in Chicago from time to time. Who knew?

Katie: I hope it looks good too! It looked great on the monitor, but things can look totally different on video.

Ryan: It was quite a day! Your job? To find a friend who does have cable so they can tape it for you. What I don't know is whether HGTV is just in the states? I hope you all have it!

Chris: Yes, fear of public ridicule is a great motivator! My place is normally very clean, but it had gotten away from me in the last couple of months with all the construction, and the room where the foster kitties are I normally store stuff in, so that was all scattered around my living space (I didn't think paint cans, tools, chemicals, etc. would be appropriate playthings for the kits...I'm funny that way). I'm so glad it's done, though. It has freed up my time and my brain! After the crew left, I kept feeling like I "should be doing something", but there wasn't anything left to do...the first time I've felt that free in awhile.

Sooz: The prospective buyers and the realtor are real. The place they bought was real. In this case, the other two "choices" were not. I don't know if that's always the case. I'm sure the place they bought is waaaay nicer than mine! Not that my place is a hovel or anything, but still.

Lacey: I can't wait either! When I find out, I'll definitely let everyone know!

xocats: My place was never for sale...sshhh...don't tell anyone!

Rigel: Thanks! I'm definitely going to be taping it! Do you get HGTV in Mexico?

Lois: I sure will!

Thanks everyone for being excited with me!
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You're place was never for sale? Another reality show debunked.
Do you have an air date yet. I don't want to miss it.
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Originally Posted by xocats
You're place was never for sale? Another reality show debunked.
Do you have an air date yet. I don't want to miss it.
Well, I'm not sure if that's what they do all the time or not. I don't know if something happened, or they just weren't able to show other places. I would think it would be very difficult to get permission to film...it's very time consuming, your stuff gets moved around. Maybe none of the places they were looking at would let them film?
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Well, this thread is nine months old now, and I finally found out the air dates:

March 9 10pm ET/PT

March 10 2am ET/PT

March 12 7:30pm ET/PT

If anyone decides to watch, my place will be the one that is painted lots of different colors: purple living room, deep red dining room, chartreuse kitchen with a Hawaiian theme. In short, it's the place they'll probably laugh at!
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Good for you!!! I don't have cable TV so I can't watch it though!!
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Oh thanks for letting us know! What is the name of the show again? I'll definitely be checking in!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Oh thanks for letting us know! What is the name of the show again? I'll definitely be checking in!
Did I forget that part? Oops! The name of the show is House Hunters, and it's on Home & Garden Television (HGTV).

Gail, you don't have cable? Really? Wow. I think I assume that 'most everyone does. Good for you for not sharing my weakness!
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Cool! I watch that show quite often, so I'll defintely be watching for your episode!
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Awesome, I'll definitely keep an eye out for it!
Also- I saw some pictures a while back of a few kittens that you had taken--but I can't remember if I told you about it (D'oh!). They were in the window of a cleaning service in Lincoln Park- on Sheffield just north of Diversey. It's near my favorite bar
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Thanks for letting us know about the dates and times.
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