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Siamese and Problems Giving Birth

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Hi, I am a siamese breeder, but this is my first time having kittens so I am a little nervous. I have a modern blue point female who is at 66 days gestation. I am concerned that she is not giving ant signs of going into labor. I know that average gestation is between 60-67 days. Her temperature is still 101. I am concerned that the kittens are getting too big for her. I have heard that in pregnant women you can induce labor with castor oil. Does any one know if this is a safe and effective method for cats. Does any one know if there are any preventative measures that I can take so that all the kittens are born healthy.
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Understand, I am not a breeder, but there isn't anyway I would induce labor on a Queen unless a vet either instructed me on how to do it, or he or she did it themselves. It's to risky imo to try it.
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Your queen can go longer then 67 days. Have her titties dropped down any and are they producing milk? Do you know the exact day she conceived? you have to ask yourself these questions. Give her another day or two. She will go into labor when she is ready.
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Please don't give her anything! Castor oil will do nothing but make her sick, same as it would for people. Let nature take it's course, it is quite common for siamese in particular to go past their due date, I've had queens go to 71 days with no problems. If her temp hasn't dropped yet, she is simply not ready yet. The waiting is the tough part! But be patient.... Modern siamese look much more huge than the average cat too because they are so sleek to begin with, but she should be fine
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The average gestation for cats is 65 days, so she is only one day overdue. Siamese and other oriental breeds can often go to 72 days without any problems. Don't worry just yet! Good luck!!
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She concieved between March 23 and 25. I am isolating her from her litterbox and from my other cats at night. Do you have any other helpful advice to ensure a safe birth? Years ago my beagle had puppies and the first in the litter died at birth because it was in the birth canal too long. Do you have any advice to prevent the death of the first kitten?
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May I ask why you didn't ask all these questions before breeding your cat?
There is plenty of information available, books, videos, internet, mentoring from a reputable breeder to ensure you get off on the right foot....
I understand it is your first litter, but is the breeder of your cat available to help you with any important questions?
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There is an article in the Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care forum which may be of interest to you - please see here:

I breed Siamese, but they are not the modern body type. At this point, I wouldn't be too terribly worried about your girl, however, a call to your vet would be well placed in the morning. Both you and he know your girl better than anyone here on the internet and you are both the best judge of what may or may not be normal for her.

I hope we have been of some assistance to you - but as Pondwader has accurately stated, these are all questions that should have been answered long before your first litter was anticipated. As you are a new breeder, I would expect a small case of jitters though. Remember to breathe and use your gut. If YOU think something is wrong, it probably is. Go with that.

As for the castor oil thing, honestly, no one I have ever talked to has recommended castor oil as an inducement. If there are people out there giving you such advice, I might suggest that you NOT listen to them anymore.
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It puzzles me that you're a 'cat breeder' but yet you haven't even taken the time to research up on cat birth. However, you have received some good advice and I do wish you the best of luck.
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I have done all of the research on cat births. I have read hundreds of articles and I have a few Siamese books. I am close to the breeder of my cat and she is informed of the situation. She told me to wait and let nature takes its course. I did not make this decision lightly. I am well prepared. I am just getting nervous so close to the birth.
Just for everones peace of mind I am not a backyard breeder. I have a CFA registered cattery.
I am sorry for not making my intentions well known. Thank you for everyones help.
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No worries, just making sure ... you are very young (according to your profile) and so when I read that you considered yourself to be a breeder, it stuck a few alarm bells - but along with your breeder/mentor and vet, you should be just fine.

Best of luck with your queen's delivery - I sincerely hope you will let us know how it goes!

Also, as a fellow Siamese breeder, I would be very interested in knowing more about your cats! Please do tell!
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And pleaaaase post pics!
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Thank you for your kind words. My blue point Sarah will probably give birth today. She started to lactate this morning.
My cattery is in North Redington Beach Florida. I own it with my family. At this point it is very small. I have three cats. My oldest Mow is a seal point neutered male. I have had him for eight years. Sarah my blue point is 14 months old and ready to give birth any minute. My youngest is a seal point female named Rachel. Rachel is only 5 months old and very crazy.
I will keep everyone posted on how many kittens there are and how they are doing?
Thank you for your help.
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Any babies yet?
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No babies yet. I know that they are still alive because they are kicking. I called the vet and she said to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the 70th day of gestation. I want to try to save her from a C- Section, but right now she is sleeping on my bed like she does every day.No signs of labor. Do you have any suggestions to naturaly induce labor?
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If she's not in labor, in my opinion the vet should not be considering a c section already, that is ridiculous. Siamese are different from other cats, they DO tend to go far past what is considered normal gestation for a cat.
I wouldn't even take her to the vet at this point if the vet just wants to cost you more money and put your cat at risk for no reason.
If you feel kitten movement, and all seems well with the momma, then I would suggest let nature take it's course. Obviously, if you think anything is abnormal, or off, then by all means get her to a vet.
Here is a link regarding pregnancy specifically in the siamese cat you may find helpful....
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Anothe general link where I found this :
The normal gestation period for a cat is 61 to 69 days. Siamese may carry for as many as 71 days. The average is about 9 - 10 weeks.
Found here:
It is a general faq site I'm guessing, I didn't look around a whole lot at it.
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Any news?
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Sarah gave birth to four beautiful healthy kittens. No stillborns no deaths. All of the kittens are nursing and doing great. The birth was no problem, Sarah took care of all of it. She is a great mom. Thank you everyone for your help. I am sorry I was so nervous.
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There is absolutely NO need to apologize for being nervous! As a fellow breeder, I can tell you honestly and without the first bit of embarrassment that I was freaking out when my girl Lexus had her litter back in October! I had both the home phone AND the cell phone to each ear trying to reach my breeder/mentors (neither were able to talk to me during the birth)!

I am glad to hear that your girl had her babies safely and that all went so well for you! Now that you've gotten past all the excitement, please tell me about your cattery and cats! I love Siamese with a passion and am very interested in hearing more about them!

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All of the kittens are now two days old and doing great. My CFA siamese cattery is in North Redington Beach Florida. I have three cats. Mow is my oldest he is neutered seal point male. I got him when he was a kitten eight years ago from a cattery called Cherokee Cats. He is spayed. When we got him we were not thinking about breeding. Sarah is my blue point she is one year old. She is the one that had the kittens. Sarah is of breeder quality. Peanut is my youngest. She is only six months old. I got her from a cattery called Dianayus Cattery. Peanut is a show quality kitten. All of them are CFA registered. Sarah and Peanut both have breeding rights. In fact I have an agreement with Sarah and Peanuts original breeders that I will only go to them for stud service.
Mow and Peanut are the extreme wedgehead types. Sarah is one forth traditional siamese. She would be considered an extreme classic.
Mow, Peanut and Sarah are extremely spoiled. All three sleep in bed with me at night. (Except Sarah right now because she has kittens.) I keep all indoors at all times.
I am a little concered about one thing. Is it ok for Mow and Peanut to have an open door to the room were Sarah has her kitten. I have been in the room with them a few times. Sarah does not seem to mind at all. She lets them both sniff the kittens. I believe that Mow thinks that he is the father because he and Sarah mated (unsuccessfully because he is spayed) the first day that Sarah was in the last heat cycle. He has not shown any aggression at all to them. Do you think it is ok for them to have free reign?
Thanks for your help.
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