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Wow! we had a fire!

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I was sitting by the computer this afternoon for a couple of minutes (couldn't sit for much longer - I have a terrible back pain for two days now) and heard something I thought sounded like waves or maybe the rustle of leaves. I kept sitting there until I heard my parent-in-law (who live next door) shouting outside. It was a major fire!

It was on our neighbor's turf but less than 10 feet away from our home! Hubby soon showed up (he was outside taking a stroll with the kids) and everyeone got busy trying to put out the fire. We ended up calling the fire brigade. Took them about an hour to put out the fire. At least we thought they had... About an hour ago, I was brushing my teeth when suddenly I smelled fire again. And indeed there was more fire outside again! Sat down typing while hubby went outside (it's pitch dark now).

Well looks like it's all over now. I think I'll sign off now - too tired plus my back is killing me again...
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Phew! Hope that's the last!
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aww anne thats terrible!
was anybody hurt?
get well soon
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It's so scary when that happens! I've had it happen to me too. I'm glad there was no damage to your place and no one in your family was hurt. I hope your neighbors are okay!
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That's frightening! We've had two fires in this house - our dishwasher caught on fire while I was at the bakery, and my parents were visiting, and crashed out from jet lag, and then our next-door neighbor/tenant managed to set the house on fire by draping a towel over a space heater. Needless to say, we now have fire extinguishers in the house(s), and stickers all over stating how many pets, and what kind, are in the house.
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You must have been horrified when you realized that fire was close to your home. I live in So. California. Three years ago we had a huge fire near my home. Several people lost their lives & hundreds of homes were lost. It was a terrible experience.
I really feel for you. I am so glad that you & your family are safe.
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Oh, that is TOO scary! Hope everyone is okay, and the danger is over now. And also hoping your back heals up!
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Yipes!! I am glad that you and yours are okay Anne... Fires can be very devestating. Sending some bm and vibes regarding your back also.
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My goodness! So sorry to hear that!
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Hope you're all OK, Anne, and minimal upheaval for your neighbours! That's pretty scary.
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Gosh, that must have been frightening! So glad everyone is okay.
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not a good thing! Glad everyone is ok though!
Sending major healing vibes for your back. Feel better soon!
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Oh my! Glad everyone is OK. I'd probably have trouble leeping after that.
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Thank God all turned out ok.....hope your back is feeling better soon!
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wow hope all is okay
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Fires are scary! Was the damage bad? Poor neighbor!
Oh and sorry to hear about the backpain! What did the doctor say? Sending lots of healing vibes!!!
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Sorry to hear that Anne!
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Anne~ I am so glad noone was badly hurt.....Fires seem so scary...I have never experienced one, but from the stories I have heard and pictures I have seen, I hope that I don't...((hugs)) Glad you are alright now!
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Thanks everyone. We are all fine - no one got hurt and there was no damage to property. The only "damage" was that someone has to pay for calling in the fire department. It's a minimal fee of about $200 but the neighbors are already arguing about who's going ot pay it :p
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