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Cats Good For Babies!

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Hi there!! As I posted before, we've just homed a 7 week old kitten. We've called him Bodhi. My daughter and Bodhi have an amazing relationship! He sits with her constantly and they actually play together. They love the same sort of toys. Also it's lucky I have 2 arms as I have to give twice as many cuddles! Normally at the same time!

My baby daughter who's 10 months has been really struggling to crawl. I didn't think she would and would go straight to walking. She was just rolling everywhere!

We brought Bodhi home last Wednesday and I put his basket down in the kitchen where it's quiet, thinking he'd be a bit frightened. Well, firstly, how wrong was I?? He wasn't frightened in the slightest and did a full inspection of the kitchen and lounge, making sure that everything was up to standard!

THEN my daughter decided she wanted to investigate this ginger thing that kept sitting just out of reach and she CRAWLED! Straight over to him. She's been crawling ever since! It's like she'd forgotten herself! You know when you concentrate just toooooo hard and can't get something. Well, she just crawled like she'd been doing it forever!

So, thats proof. Cats are good for children... It's practically scientific evidence! lol.

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My daughter's cat has appointed himself guardian of her new baby. Ever sice they brought Olivia home from the hospital, Cotton has slept under her bassinet. If she cries, and he does not think they are moving fast enough to see about her, he bites toes until one of them gets to her. He will sit on the bed and watch her sleep, sometimes with his paws on the side of the bassinet. He will not get in there with her, but if she is on the couch, he will sit with her, and sometimes sniff or lick her little head. He is a big, ornery cat, but he is so sweet with her. She got her hand around his tail while napping, and he did not move the whole time she slept. He just made himself comfortable and slept, too. Olivia looks for him if he is not there when she wakes up. She is a month old now, I bet they will be great buddies when she gets older.
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How sweet!I'm sure you're already well aware it's always a good idea to supervise at all times when they're together.
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How sweet! And what lucky babies, to have such nice kitties to "learn" on.
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What great stories! We will definitely have two kitty lovers in the future!
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Yeah, they are always superivised. If one of the parents is not right there with the baby, the cat howls until someone goes to her, unless she is tucked into the bassinet. He does not like them to leave her even long enough to go to the bathroom. He is a very diligent babysitter.
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