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Has anyone's cat done this?

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I was sitting at the computer just a little while ago when I looked around and saw my Mittens in the kitchen. She was licking the floor then rubbing her head on it????? I am puzzled. Was she licking something on the floor? It looks clean. Or was she trying to clean herself
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Sounds like maybe you spilled something and don't realize it??
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I would think that too, maybe you spilt something?

Or.... she could have found a little bug and decided she was hungry!
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There wasn't any catnip on that spot recently, was there? Or maybe something minty?
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Or did you happen to clean the floor with bleach recently? Kahu goes nuts when we clean the floors with bleach - its like catnip to him - so we have to put him in the bathroom when we do that and then dry the floors with a towel so he doesnt lick the bleach!
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No to all of the above. Not that I am aware of anyway. I don't use bleach on the floor and it isn't where I would have spilt anything. No catnip in the house. She doesn't appear to be that interested in catnip anyway. Except for the catnip, why would she try to roll in it? It was kind of like a dog rolling in something smelly, ewwww!
Not worried, just wondered if I had a weird cat)))
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Nunny does that, but to the corners of walls. I believe you when you say there was nothing on the floor. It's weird, Nunny does the same thing, only to the corners of walls, lol.
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Miss Jessie does this if I go walking around after rubbing peppermint oil on my feet. I know it sounds gross, but it's soothing to feet! Anyways she LOVES the scent and will cry & rub her face & body in the spots I've walked.

Zorro also does it on certain spots of the carpet where Snickers has left his catnip sock laying too long. The catnip sock has been beaten, drooled on and loved and sometimes leaks. Zorro likes to rub around on the spots the sock lays, after Snicky moves it.

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Meish licks EVERYTHING, carpet, tile, the walls.... I think she smells something on it that she thinks might be yummy. I've noticed she likes licking my feet too. If you cat licks your feet and you were walking barefoot on the kitchen floor maybe she smelled you on it??
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