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If you could change your username...

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What would it be?

I think mine would be FelineFanatic. How about you?
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Perhaps samcat - that's my username at some other forums.
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Just Cat - short for my name. Somebody else already had it
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Good Question Jenny,..
Maybe just change by "MrCoolCat", , I´m happy with my nick! ...
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ummmm, Maverick_kitten is good for me right now as i've got Maverick and her kitten.

i use Nickerly_kitten for a lot of other things so maybe that.
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Nothing, I've kept this usernames on all the forums that I belong to, and part of my IM providers too!
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I like my username, but also would just like my name "Candie"
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These are good! I might also have used kittygirl109, even though its a bit babyish, because its my username on other forums.
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BakerIsACat is my user name for almost everywhere, but here I wanted all 3 cats involed and I wasn't that creative
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When I first joined I only had Chester and Piper and hadn't any plans on getting another kitty. But then Ariel came along, and my username doesn't fit anymore! I wish I had used the name I use for other forums (Isadora) because I really like it, but this being a kitty site, I thought I'd use my kitts names!
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I like my username, I always call Princess babygirl.
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I would prefer "beSteelmyheart"-my username for football, being a major Steelers fan-but it doesn't really fit here.
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I don't know, but twofatcats doesn't really fit any more. I now have a third cat, Sheba, who isn't truly fat yet, just a bit overweight, but she sure would be fat if I let her eat all the food she wanted. She gained two pounds in her first two months here. And now that I'm letting her outside, she is supplementing her diet with rodents. Purdy isn't truly fat any more. He has lost over two pounds, but he could stand to lose another. I do still have a problem with Red Cat. I'm down to feeding him only one-half cup of kibbles a day, but he is maintaining his 14.7 pounds. He's great at catching rats to supplement his diet. So I don't know what I'd change my name to. Maybe BattleoftheFelineBulge.
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I always use this one, no matter where I go. Im happy.
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I wouldn't change my name if given the opportunity. I'm DawnofSierra on every other site I'm registered, and I've always enjoyed the name.
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I have been huggles on the internet for years & years - I do however wish I hadnt of registered it on here as I no longer like it at all, not that I know what I used instead.
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I kinda like your name, Jenny, Ilovecats! But I have been Beckiboo on other sites, and I like it. When I was a baby, my nickname was Becky Boo Boo, so once when I was signing up for a site, and it wouldn't take any variation of Becky, I switched to Beckiboo, and that has worked ever since!

And for the record, I don't think KittyGirl109 is babyish!

And I really like Huggles!
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Thanks, Becky.
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On some other sites, I am angelgirl494 (4 letters in my first name, 9 in my middle name, 4 in my last name), but I really like my Yahoo IM, which is countryangel679 (679 for my birthday). Since I like it the best, I'd probably use that one. Y'all are good at thinking of all the good cat user names. I can't think of anything. Although, I have been called Kittybabe before - but let's not go there .
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I would not want to change my name. I have been "xocats" for a long time. When I write to loved ones, I always sign my mail with kisses & hugs... xo xo xo xo xo. That what I love doing to Dexter & Sadie xo xo xo ... kisses & hugs.
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Arlyn is my real name, and the only name I ever use on forums anywhere.
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Originally Posted by Ilovecats
What would it be?

I think mine would be FelineFanatic. How about you?
Mine would have to be LoveMyBabies! When I first got the internet I was, as I had 2 cats and 1 dog (only Schatzi was NOT a dog: he was a Poodle!!!) then I moved to AOL and became tabbiespoodle - 2 tabbies (even though Minnie was a Calico!), and a Poodle. When she died I changed again to spootabsia for Standard Poodle, Tabby girl and Siamese girl. Then I adopted Benji but I figured the S after tab and before IA could be counted as tabs!

Shortly after Benji joined us Schatzi died, but I kept spootabsia sort of to honor and remember him Then I lost my Beloved Corkie! I stayed off the net for awhile and when I came back I changed my yahoo ID from humpootabsia to calspootab and was going to change my AOL screen name to Poos (for my other small Poo I had as a teen) mares (for my 3 late mares)cats ( for ALL my cats) but my puter is too old for aol so now I am switching to yahoo and will be cal (for my Calico Minnie) Spoo (for my Standard Poodle Schatzi) and Tab (for my most beloved of all my Tabby girl Corkie) This is how it will stay, but if any more die soon or I adopt any more I will have to honor THEM by my password! Can't leave anyone out!
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I'm happy with my name, it reflects a lot about my purrsonality, but is at the sametime very ambigious. I run different S/Ns on different forums, but retain Spotz for strictly cat related stuff, as it is the most appropriate IMO

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I don't think I would change mine - I wouldn't know who I was!! It's got my Danish connection, my cat connection, and a little bit of me in it, so I think I'm fine just the way I am! Though if I had to, I simply go with Pussycat.
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
BakerIsACat is my user name for almost everywhere, but here I wanted all 3 cats involed and I wasn't that creative I dim or what? I just realized what the "bct" in ash_bct stood for I never could figure it out - duh! I worry about me sometimes...
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Id be metallicpinkcat.. it was my Ebay name but I've closed my account now after a bad experience on the discussion boards. I was going to use it here when signing up but didn't
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