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Originally Posted by jcat
I have one (pre-paid card) for emergencies, and for use when traveling. I only turn it on when I'm going to work, and turn it off on my way home.
There was a bit on television last week - one of those "infotainment" shows - and the reporter went around asking people if they "faked" calls on their cell phones, i.e., pretended they were talking to somebody when they actually weren't. So many people said yes! Some examples were when they were alone and waiting for somebody, and felt awkward, or when they wanted to avoid talking to somebody sitting next to them on public transportation, or felt they were going to be accosted by a beggar.
Heeyyyyy... those are actually good suggestions!! The only problem is, my husband and I are always together since we work in the same building... I mean nearly 24-7. So the only time I feel awkward is while waiting for him to come meet me at break/lunch... which isn't often. I do admit when we're parked at a red light next to a beggar, I usually figure out something to say so it looks like we're discussing something.
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We don't have a cell phone. Neil was thinking about getting one of the prepaid ones for when we are up at the farm but its not a priority right now. We are pretty low tech people. No cell phone, no cable/satellite dish. Computer on DSL is 5 yrs old. No digital camera. Just purchased a DVD player about a yr ago. But if you want the latest gardening stuff or woodworking equipment-we have all of that!!! Our priorities are just different than lots of people.
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I have one but don't use it a lot. But they are good to have in emergencies.
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