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We rigged a special screen over the container the kittens are now inhabiting. They are all doing well, all bodily functions going, eating well, and their lungs are healthy! The container is deep enough, they are not in drafts and the screen keeps my other nine cats from hurting them either intentionally or unintentially. They all have names now. Oliver-Scuba- Massey- Matuse- and Tarzan-

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Brilliant!, their improving as each day passes!
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Looking good, MA!!!! I see the moo cows, but do you have some brown tabbies in there, too?
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Nope, no brown tabbies- just grey ones-
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I'm so glad they are doing well. Hope the little one catches up soon and does ok. I was thinking about them yesterday, wondering how they were doing.
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Thanks for the update. Your tiny little charges look so sweet, all snuggled up together. I love their names. Along with your expertise on animal care, I think that your absolute love of innocent furbabies, is keeping these sweet beings alive. I will follow their progress with love & prayers.
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Thanx for the update:
And my Oliver is very flattered that you named one of the kitties Oliver as well!
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MA - I was bad person and just glance and posted. I hadn't read the entire thread. Bless you for watching over them when they are having a serious time of it. I hope that the rest of the litter continues to improve.
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Dear MA, that is great! They are so cute and I love their names. I hope that they continue to improve and grow. And hugs to you for taking them on! :-) Please keep the info and pictures coming, and clever idea about the screen, I wouldn't have thought of that...
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Is Oliver in the same basket with them or still separated from the others?
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MA, sorry to hear about their rough start and Oliver's troubles, but if anyone can pull them through, it's you! I'm glad to hear they're doing reasonably well, and hope Oliver improves and catches up soon. What little sweethearts!
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Sendinng the BEST and STRONGEST vibes for their growth and resilience. They are in the best possible hands. You are a champion. Come on little guys!!!!!!!!
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Here they are up close and personal-


Tarzan- likes to swing from my finger

Scuba- dives right into bottlefeeding

Oliver, not quite strong enough to stand on his own---- yet....


The rabbit in the background usually hangs on my keychain (to give you a sense of how small these little ones are)
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oh my goodness! They are soooo precious---and tiny!!! Holy cow!!! Thanks for the pictures and the updates, Mary Anne!!! You are doing a fantastic job as their foster meowmy!!! (as always)
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Aw I just caught this thread, what a great thing you are doing. MA, maybe if I could convince my fiance, we could take one? I have 3 months to convince him right? Poor little Oliver has caught my heart... it's awfully far away from you but maybe something could be worked out?

Then again, this might just be wishful thinking...
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There is now a puddle where I was sitting...I have melted...those little critters are such darlings! and Oliver!! words fail me

Sending all the vibes I can find for these sweethearts, that the worst is behind them.
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The babies are still so tiny. I have fallen in love with all of them but little Oliver has a special place in my heart. How long will they receive night feedings? When do you sleep? The babies are so lucky that your are there for them. Your kind of love is all to rare.
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Sleep? What's that? They are on feedings every three hours, but Oliver needs it every two so all babies are being fed every two hours. I sleep between feedings, or nap during the day while Mike is here. I have great hearing so I wake up when they begin to cry. Kittens this age start screaming when they have to go, and cry when they are hungry. So I can pretty much tell what needs to be done before I get to the crate. I keep odd hours anyway because my working partner and most of my clients are all overseas, so my day doesn't usually start till 11:00 at night.
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Cute kittens. I hope they all make it.
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I am deeply moved by your tiny little tigers. I pray that throughout the night, they eat & thrive. Bless you MA, for being there for them.
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MA, I think what you are doing is wonderful!

I am not real far from you... and I would definetley snatch one up, but we just brought home a new furbaby a couple of days ago. I am not sure we have the room or the money for another.

I can ask around the base though and see if anyone is interested...

You are such a wonderful person! Thanks for the updates and pictures!!

*~*~*Lots of good vibes and prayers coming your way!!*~*~*
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Lord, but they're adorable! They're in the best hands possible, and I look forward to watching them grow over the next three months. C'mon east coasters! If y'all adopt them, then we can watch 'em grow forever!
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MA...the little babies have been on my mind all morning. They are in my prayers.
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Oh they are so cute Mary Anne. They are in my thoughts.
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Their soooo tiny! Bless their little hearts

Oh will you be having some fun over the next few weeks when they start getting up to mischief!
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Your babies are just so precious, MA! You're doing such a wonderful job taking care of them! I can imagine noone with any more expertise in this than you! These babies are so blessed to have you to love and care for them!
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They are now two weeks old, because of suckling issues, I have had to separate each one of them. They are still together, in that they can hear and smell each other, but they have their one sections now to stay in. I hated doing it, but it was necessary because they were sucking each other genitals. In amongst the comfort toys you should see the kittens-

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aw!!! They're so tiny, I can barely spot them!!! They are so precious, MA, and so are you for being so kind to them!!!
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Oh MA, what a wonderful person you are! They are absolutely adorable and you have such a kind heart for giving these babies a start in life. Thank you and thanks for the pics! They are delightful!!
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MA...it is wonderful to see new pictures of your little foundlings. Are you still feeding Oliver every two hours? How long do you need to hand feed them? Knowing that you are there for them, fills my heart with joy.
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