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Cat photos sigs

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i know this is probaly a silly question but i can't seem to join my cats photo's together, i don't know how to do this in psp and it doesn't work in word or paint. i want them to be one photo i can use as a sig not three seperate one's

lots of the members here have a few different pics of their cats joined into one photo and it looks so nice

any help will be appreciated and i apolagise if this is the wrong forum to post this in....

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Send one of them a Private Message and they'll help you
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There's a list of people who will make a signature image for you in the Feedback forum, if you would like to do that.

To do it yourself, make a new image in Photoshop, or Paint, to the size you want the final image to be. Open the other pictures and resize them to fit. Then select the whole image, copy and paste it into your new image.

I'll move this to Feedback.
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I just discovered how to do this yesterday - check and see if any of your photo software has a "stitch" option (I used Arcosoft). If so, you can open two images, stitch them together, store that stitched image, and then open it and stitch a third, etc., image to it.
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i did mine in paint... i cropped each photo, then resized it & pasted into a new paint doc. with each addition, i resized the field & pasted again. finally, i uploaded the finished composite to photobucket. here's an example of Java's before i resized it & pasted it onto the end...

i wrote the names using the text box before resizing the pix.
hope this helps!
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