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How dumb some people are....

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So at work today, there were 4 of us there and we were cleaning the cat cages and feeding them and everything like that and meanwhile the dogs start barking. This is a normal thing, we just figured one of the board members came in. Turns out, when we go outside to leave, there is a box on the seat of one of the girls trucks which the windows were rolled down. The box looked like it contained kittens, the bottom has urine and feces on it but there are no kittens to be found. She was like, uh guys where did this box come from? Wasn't here an hour ago!

We figured somebody came wanting to drop off a litter, and having no where else to put them, just left them in the car, but the windows were down and it was a small box so they must have crawled out and ran off. We looked around the area and couldn't find them. Isn't that weird? You think they would have at least taped the box shut or put a lid on it or something. It was just a cardboard box. On the other hand, they could have put the box in a dumpster or something so at least they took the time to drive out to the shelter...
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Maybe someone dropped them off and then someone else came by and picked them up?

I agree though, dumb people abound.
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Well I don't think that is what happened. It was inside of about an hour. There were only the 4 of us there. Usually people know we are not open on Sunday so they don't come by, I guess the one's who came by Sunday figured that no one would see them come since we were closed. But they cared enough that they brought them to the shelter at least.
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It's a shame you can't find them. Have you tried leaving food out? Or is that a dumb and obvious question?
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Actually one turned up. Only one though. When the girl got home, I think it was that evening, her own boy tomcat came in carrying one of them. She freaked out at first thinking he killed it but he just brought it to her and now he pretty much just stands guard over it and the other little babies she has. The kitten is pretty traumatized. Turns out that the 4 kittens she is fostering were brought in by this one woman who got them out from under her house and she said she has 3 more. So since this one kitten from the truck is identical in size and color as the rest of the litter, we are thinking she is the one who came in and left the box of kittens on the seat of the truck. If not already, she is going to get a phone call from someone at work to figure this out.
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Oh, what a story. Too bad there isn't a law for anyone that careless with animals to prevent them from ever owning a pet!

At least she is trying to save them, but what kind of saving is getting lost in a parking lot!
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