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Joshua - got his name from the movie "Life is Beautiful". The little boy in the movie is named "Giosue" or something like that, but in the English subtitles it's Joshua. I thought Joshua would be easier to spell.
For some reason I wanted some sort of old fashioned but cute name for him. Joshua seemed to fit.

Kinah - Because of her coloring (light brown tabby) and her big ear, she reminds me of an african wild cat. So I looked online at baby-name websites for African names. Kinah seemed to fit her just fine.
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Princess - we got her from an animal shelter and the name she had there was Princess. She's 4 1/2 years old and I figure if her name has been that for that long why change it. I liked it so I kept it.

Harvey - we got him at the same time we got Princess. His name at the shelter was Whispers. We didn't like it at all. It took us maybe a week to agree on it. I belive Harvey was Weird Al's hampsters name and since my hubby likes Weird Al that's the name he picked.
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Neko-Chan: Well, his name basically speaks for itself Neko is Japanese for cat

Tehya Mosi: Tehya's is a little bit more complicated, but not by much *grin* Her first name mean precious and her middle name means cat in Navajo, so her name together is "precious cat."

And of course Tehya's new kittens, though only 2 out of four are named
Marshmellow: He looks like a giant marshmellow, what can I say!!!

Math Book: Yes, poor girl is named Math Book; I call her MB for short, my sister has always wanted to name an animal Math Book, so for her kittenhood before she gets taken to her forever home, she shall be known as MB
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Both of my cats names came to me in dreams. For elliot, I was dreaming that I was outside on the grass, and I was calling "here kitty kitty kitty!" and he was a kitten and I couldnt see his face but he was red, and I said "Come here Elliot, thats a good boy" and I petted him and woke up. So that is why Elliot is Elliot. I drempt that because the next day we were going to a shelter to pick out a cat, and i had really wanted an orange one. ^_^

For aerowyn, I was staring blankly at the wall in school, bored out of my wits, when the name "Aerowyn " popped up in my head. i wasnt even thinking of the kittens at that time, just blanking out. So that was sort of a "day dream"
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I'm not a complete disney head... but for some reason, I decided to go with a disney theme when naming my cats.

Dinah's name actually just popped in my head on the way home after getting her.. it was only later that I realized that it was actually the name of Alice's Cat from Alice in Wonderland. So... there started the disney theme, I guess.

SO... then I got my sweet little boy, ScatCat... just 4 weeks ago...And a whole bunch of cat names from disney popped in my head.. (I was SOOO close to calling him Lucifer (after the step-mother's cat in Cinderella), but then I thought of the movie the Aristocats. I decided to name him ScatCat after one of the cats in the cat gang from that movie.
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I adopted Ellie about 3 months ago. Her name was Limited Edition, they called her LE (pronounced just as you say each letter). I decided to keep it but spelt a different way.
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