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I just took a look at my cat's ears this morning and I noticed dandruff-like flakes. At first I thought it was dried cat litter on his ears (he plays in his litter sometimes after it's been cleaned, but I noticed that underneath the ear fur the skin looks a little scaly. This is just on his ears. Is ear skin just dry or something (it's getting very hot here in the California desert. 85 degrees yesterday!)? Or is this some skin infection/disease?
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It is possible for cats to get sunburned...
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Some of my brood has ringworm and one of the symtoms I noticed was dry scaly looking flakes on the underbelly of one of them. Not suggesting anything but you may want to look into it
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I would call a vet and describe or tanke into the vet.. could be just weird dry skin or something more serious
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