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I am kind of upset

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I have been receiving unemployment checks since I was unemployed. Then at the end of July through September, before I put them on automatic deposit, I stopped receiving them. When I called, they said that they have received my cashed and deposited checks. I was confused because I never even got any. I told them that. The checks were mailed to my old address.
Well,I requested that DWS mail me copies of the checks that have been cashed. Turns out that someone has been taking my money and depositing into their account. I looked at the signature and I was sure it wasn't mine. I suspected that it was the man who tried to harass me. He has a brother who has his own check cashing business and I think that's how they got them because most places would ask for ID. It makes me so mad
I hope they catch this idiot! He will be in prision for a long time for messing with the federal government!!!
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Oh my gosh, has he be forging your name??
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Yes, he dosen't know my signature. He just signed it with my full name.
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Jeeeeez Nena and I know you're on a tight budget too! Damn that dude!

I hope they catch him fast, but in the meanwhile what in the world are you going to do ??

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Work! I am also hoping to get a grant that I have been applying for. Its not much, but it will bring food on the table and pay rent.
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How horrible for you Nena! I am so sorry. I hope they catch the guy and put him where he belongs.
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Who is "they"? Unemployment?

I hope you have taken steps too, because he has not only stolen your money but also your good name.

That really stinks, that someone would steal an unemployment check! Stealing is bad enough, but it's not like you're collecting the check because your life is going so well. You must be so frustrated!
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How horrible! I hope they catch the guy who is doing this. Has unemployment refunded you the money since it wasn't your handwriting?
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No, I have to talk to a woman who handles forgeries. I have to talk to her today. If I can get a hold of her. I've tried all week, but tuesday, they were swamped with calls. And I might get a grant for school. The financial aid advisor told me that I could get money to use for whatever. I told her that if I do, that I rather pick up the checks rather than have them mailed since there are so many dishonest people. I have discovered that there is a place were you cash checks and they don't ask for ID. They just charge extra. I would like to change that policy. Have all places have a mandatory ID!
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My god how horrible !! I am sooooo sorry to hear about your problem.

Go get him Nena - get that brainless fool and have
the authorities throw away the key!!!
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Well, the man has stolen over $700 in unemployment checks. I spoke to the woman who handles forgeries and she is going to mail me an afidavit so I can receive new checks. I told her to have all the money deposited into my account. That way, it can't get stolen. And they are going to do an investigation.
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Alicia!!! I am really sorry to hear about this!!! I hope they catch this guy and he is forced to pay back all the money he stole from you!
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