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Feline Leukemia

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Does anyone know some of the symptoms? Over the last three days the Momma stray has been having trouble with her balance and she looks like a bobble head. I called the vet this morning and she has an appointment tonight. I am just wandering if it could be something else.
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Hey hon! Usually FeLv shows its ugly head as something else.....a URI that won't go away with standard treatment, things like that........The balance and "bobbleheadedness" sounds more neruological or inner-ear type to me. Glad you're seeing the vet though, and please tell us what you learn!
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I volunteered for a rescue group, and we ahd many cats come in that poeple had thought they were hit by a car because they were flaling over and their head was really off balance. What the vets call it I believe is Bistibular(sp) Disease.. there is no cure and it is only life threatening in severe cases. It couses their head to tilt, and thm to go completely off balance.. I ahve seen many cats with this disease, and although there is no cure for it, the tilteed head may go away, but in most cases it remains.. but they get used to it and act as if they had it their whole life. If properly treated, the cat should hve no problem
It might just be a simple ear infection though.
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Vestibular disease.
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The vet believes that is is Vestibulars disease or a blood clot. There is no evidence of an ear infection. He gave me antibiotics and said to call in a couple of days if there is no change. Her gave her a shot of the antibiotic yesterday and she seemed fine the rest of the night. He said it won't hurt her 3 week old kittens.
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I hope things go well.
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Well, Momma kitty died Monday night. The vet thinks it was a blood clot. I took the kittens to the vet yesterday. They are all fine, a little underweight but otherwise healthy.
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