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WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Now THIS is a final three! Bo, Vonz, and Carrie each have enormous vocal talents, so it'll be a tough one to call (though I'm still a-rootin' for Bo or Baby V).
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Yep, me too...I'm sticking with Bo because he's just awesome, voice, stage presence...fun to watch. And then Vonzell because I think she has a beautiful voice. The whole thing with Carrie is, she really doesn't do many songs that aren't country, well. If this was Country Idol, I'd say she'd win hands down.

I am very interested in what's going to play out next week.

Too bad we all don't live near each other...we could have Idol parties!!!!!

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On wouldn't Idol parties be fun????
I just noticed your location on your profile- GREAT taste in singers (Bon Jovi= ) Ever seen His Gorgeousness in person???
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I've seen him in concert about 6 or so times but I've never met him. I don't know what I'd do if I did...probably faint, bable, act like a fool! I've been infactuated with him since I was like 12!

Get this, he's the owner of the Philadelphia Soul indoor football league here in Philly...I work in Philly...I'm praying that I just happen to stalk, oops I mean, walk into him someday on the street.

Oh, when can pray, can't she?!
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