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Originally Posted by MeezerPleezer
Yeah :lol3

PBM have any animals besides cats?

oh, you beat me....
No, I don't have other animals.....or does a hubby count?

Okay, PBM....have kids excited about going back to school?
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Nope, but I've not nephews who are

PBM got itchy eyes right now?
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No kinda sleepy eyes though

PBM bite their nails?
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Nope, I just keep them real short.

Has the person below me had their tonsils out?
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Nope! They want them, but I won't let them!

Does the person below me prefer to take herbal medicines?
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Nope.........I don´t found to someone to relief about it!

PBM like the music of Barry White?
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I have to say Yes!

PBM have a cell phone?
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Yeah A sony Erickson k 700 i......here´s the link if you want to meet it!

PBM has the collection of all CD´s of Some singer????
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Yes I have all of Toby Keith's cds.

PMB like italian food?
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Absolutely YES!!! ....Calzone is one´s of my favourites...

PBM like to Drink Lemonade with soda?
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Well......I like lemonade and soda.......but not together

Does the person below me like Sci Fi?
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Oh yes! Is one of my favourite Genders of Movies, I like so much the Trilogys like Matrix, Starwars and Startrek...but also Close encounters, Aliens, Blade Runner to mention some else.....

PBM like to listen the music of TOTO?
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Sorry, don't know who that is. So the answer is no

PBM What's your favorite movie?
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The first trilogy of Star wars I could watch it over and over Again!!! ..

TOTO is a group of music around the 80´s.........

PBM like to wear Hats and sunglasses?
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Nope...not usually!

PBM wear shorts a lot?
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Oh yes!!! how do you guess?????? ...my legs are "Black" burn for the sun! ....... just kidding!!! but yes!!! i wear it a lot!

PBM like the song.......A kiss from a Rose from Seal?............
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LOVE that song!!!!!!!! It's one of my favorites!

PBM like Styx?
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Yes I do!

PMB have their belly button pierced?
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Nope.......not Tattoos and less piercing for me.......I hate the "pinprick".....

PBM remember the song from the 80`s "Talking in your sleep" .....by the Romantics????
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Yup! Like that song!

PBM have any stuffed animals?
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yes, I have 100 of the same kind in boxes at work for our annual santa visit at UCSF Children's hospital...and I have quite a few of my own in my bedroom.

Does the person below me have any Beanie Babies?
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Yep...2 beanie baby kitties

Does the PBM like Jazz music?
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I don't mind it - but it's not my favorite

PBM like lemonade?
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Yes with soda is a kind delicious!

PBM like to fire on candles with odour? ( i mean with perfum?...)...
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Love them!!!!!

PBM like tomatoes?
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Absolutely YES! Red and Green!

PBM like the Water of the Coconuts?
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If you mean coconut milk, I like it.

What is the PBM's favorite flower?
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Originally Posted by KatieLV
If you mean coconut milk, I like it.

My favourite flower is Alcatraz!

PBM like to listen the music of Huey Lewis and the News?????
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Yes, when I was a teenager.

PBM ever been skiny dipping?
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yup, once when I was drunk..LOL!

the person below me is very hungry
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