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Thank God!! I was literally sick when I first started reading this thread. I have had that happen to me when we were replacing our windows. I thought Redford had gotten out and was just frantic. I am so happy we both had happy endings. Give Simba and extra hug from me and my kits.
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Here is another resource. DO NOT GIVE UP!! Call every shelter, rescue, put up flyers, walk around the neighbourhood and enlist the help of your friends and neighbours to look for Simba. Call him but lost cats, inexorably, stay away even from their persons. Treat him as if you were trying to trap a feral b/c in all liklihood, he is not not far from you - as is the case with many indoor cats who slip outside.

Here is another site wth some great tips:

Good luck!!!
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Just saw this thread too, I'm glad you found him.
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Wow, thank goodness! Maybe give him some time to chill out before taking him to the vet..keep us posted.
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Oh Hope I am so glad you found him! Hopefully he is ok, you are both in my thoughts!
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I'm so glad you found him, my heart sank when I started reading this thread. Our Alex was gone last week and I was sure something had happened to him, and he came home after 36 hours. I know how you feel. I'm so glad he was found!
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I have to say "oops!" but it is a happy opps. I posted my link AFTER you found him but I am thrilled that you found him even if he traumatized. He probably got scared and is still worried after that scary experience!

Give him a hug for me!
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Hope, I'm so happy you found Simba!!!! One of my biggest fears is one of my babies getting out of my house!!! I was so afraid for you!! I hope he calms down and returns to normal very soon!!!
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I'm so glad you found him. What a relief.

to you both.
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Woah... I was just reading though this thread until I got to the update where you found him under the matress. I'm glad he was only hiding and hadn't really lost.
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Oh Hope, thank goodness you found him!
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Oh wow, Hope! I'm just now seeing this, and I was just in utter horror for until I got to your post that you have found Simba! Sierra and I are so happy now!Simba, no more scary your Mommy like that!Please do consider taking him to the Vet if his behavior continues to be out of the ordinary.
Yippee! Simba is home!
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Man, glad that had a happy ending! There is NOTHING quite like that heart stopping moment when you realize your furbaby is not in the house. What's even worse, is if you realize s/he's not in the house and the door is open! Been there done that. At the time we lived in a trailer (mobile home) on my mom's country property, had just started watching a movie, and I didn't realize 'til after it was over that I hadn't seen Melichus for some time. Yep, the door hadn't latched properly, and he'd discovered it. Fortunately for him, he must have freaked when he got outside and discovered all that open sky overhead and went under the trailer (I only had skirting around about 3/4) and apparently stayed there. He got ear mites from that little escapade which resulted in an aural haematoma, several vet visits, and ultimately a crumpled ear.

I replaced the door knob the next day .

Simba may just be totally freaked from mommy tearing the house/apt apart looking for him also. Hopefully this is the case and he'll soon be back to normal.
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Thank you all so much. It means so much to me. I am SO relieved and so grateful my boy is here with me. I am going to get him microchipped if it's the last thing I do.
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Hope - I'm so glad you found him and that he hadn't got out. It sounds like he got spooked by something - any idea what? I hope that he's calmed down now and is back to his usual self. Same goes for you too!
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Simba is back to his usual self. I have no idea what spooked him, and that had me really wondering if someone had gotten into my apartment, when I was not home, but I think maybe my panic over not being able to find him, may have added to his trauma.
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Holy Moly! I was so worried when I saw this!!!! I'm glad the thread turned out so well! Poor Simba! He was probably upset that mommy was so freaked! I'm glad that everything is ok now!
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oh my gosh! You scared me so bad! I am SOOOOO relieved that Simba is still home and okay!!!

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I know you're so relieved at finding him. We were gone for a week last month (someone was checking on our gang) and when we got back home we couldn't find Emma ANYWHERE! After what seemed like forever and looking underneath everything we found her burried underneath the covers of my son's bed being very, very, very, very, very still. I was very happy, but most cross.
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oh Hope, pardon me while I pick my stomach up off the floor. I was frozen when I saw this thread come up, and I just saw it - one day not checking the SOS Board, shame on me. I am beyond relief. I swear I was about ready to hop a flight from Seattle to L.A.

Simba will let you know what happened in good time. I am ecstatic he's back to his normal self, but remember last week when Saba was totally spooked? She didn't get out but it took her 48 hrs to return to normal and then she let me know through some subtle signals. Thank you so much for your note on that episode. So watch where he sits and what he looks he reacts to noises and link them to symbols that might tell a story.
He'll let you know. You are the best mama, you know that, and he's so happy to be with you.
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I'd been thinking about you and Simba ever since your first post....I missed the update on you finding him and looked up the thread to find the status on your search...all I can say is
THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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