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My baby got neutered today

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Puffy was neutered today. I picked him up about an hour ago. He's really pathetic right now, I feel so sorry for him. He must have held his bladder all day, because he lost it on the way home. Must have been riding in the car that did it. Poor thing had urine all over him, and it sure soaks into puffy cats! He's still really woozy, and his purr is all messed up. But at least he survived and I don't have to worry about him anymore. He's such a precious cat; I was worried all day. I'm so glad to have him home.
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I'm glad you got your baby neutered. There's nothing more irresponsible than pet owners who allow their pets to breed and breed with so many kitties needing homes out there already. I'm glad Puffy is doing well My Loco got neutered a few days ago, and they put a diaper on him (with a hole cut in the back for his tail :tounge2: ) to keep him from peeing everywhere. It was so funny when i took it off of him, looked like I was changing a newborn baby! :LOL:
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I am really glad Puffy came through it okay, he will get to feeling better, Merlin was pretty sore at first too!
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Thanks guys!

Debby - Did you know that Merlin looks a lot like my Muffy?
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No, I didn't know that...Muffy must be adorable then!!
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For being a responsible pet owner, but I knew that about you anyway. The incontinence is normal due to the operation and the anesthetic, he should be fine tomorrow.
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He'll bounce back in no time at all. I'm so glad that the animal advocacy shelter here requires all animals be either spayed or neutered. It forces people to take responsibility for thier pets. To many people don't have it done for thier animals, which is a shame. When I had my girls spayed, the vet told me that thier chances of getting certain kinds of cancer had been greatly diminished. You did the right thing for your little guy.
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Not to turn this thread into a big drama or anything but I just have to say that I wish all pet owners were more like Dawn. All summer I was heartbroken to see litter upon litter of kittens being dumped at the Vet's office to be put down, because someone couldn't be bothered to get thier cats fixed. I'd love to have brought each and every one of thos ebabies home, but I am aware of what I can handle financially and to bring them home without being unable to provide for them would make me no better than the person who allowed their birth in the first place. I really don't think " I can't afford it" is a valid excuse to not have your cats spayed or neutered. If you can't afford it...don't bring home the cat!!! I totally respect people like Hissy who care for lots of cats, but have each one fixed. Its a matter of doing whats right for the cat. *hopping off the soap box*

Again Dawn, kudos to you
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Well, I am in the process of spaying/neutering each and every one of my cats,(as money will allow) but a third of all my cats were either rescues, going to be killed, or given to me by people who didn't want them, so it is taking me awhile to afford to have them all done,(and that is no excuse, but the truth) but I am doing it, cat by cat. I guess for me when it came down to the decision of not taking the cat, because I couldn't afford to have it fixed right away, or letting it die, I chose what I felt was best. Sorry if any of you think that is wrong.
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I don't think Melissa was singling anybody out. I think we all pretty much agree that getting your pet fixed is in the best interest of the animal (not to mention controlling overpopulation). Alot of people come to this site and don't realize the importance of fixing thier pet. It's an important message that needs to be delievered.

I came on this site orginally planning to get my cats declawed because I didn't know any better. Because of all the knowlegable people on this site, and all the helpful information, I was able to make the informed choice not to. I think that the spay/neuter issue is just as important. There may be people on this site who just don't know any better, and they should be educated.
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Hey my lil sis...you're great, for me, I've done the same thing and things always work out for me. I always find the money somewhere. Thank God I was only saddled with one litter, but it happened and I kept all of them! We have an organization here that spays/neutors for free! Perhaps if you find animal advocates in your area, they can work something out with the vets in your area. Ours were very responsive to the idea! It was nice that they wanted to give back to the community. It's such a simple procedure. It dosn't take much time and they rotate their schedules.
You're the best!

Love ya,
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Puffy is feeling much better today! He acutally climbed up the Christmas tree this morning, and was one foot from the top of the 10 foot tree when I caught him! He got to spend some time in the time out room for that one! But at least he's feeling better.

I do need to set the record straight though. Even though I got Puffy neutered, I still have to spay my female cat. Muffy is Puffy's mother, and she was scheduled for a spay last year, but when my husband lost his job, she had to wait. My daughter let her out one day because Muffy was so sad (my daughter was four at the time), and now we have Puffy. Puffy was one of a 5-kitten litter. I found great homes for all the other four, and they're all spayed/neutered now. Now it's Muffy's turn. We have very tight finances, and these things have a habit of falling in importance when compared to feeding our family and paying the mortgage. I got Muffy before my husband lost his job, so we weren't taking on more than we could handle at the time. However, it's been a year now since he was laid off (and it lasted 3 months) and we're still trying to catch up. But I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Muffy will never have another litter. She'll be spayed by spring. As it was, I had to have a garage sale just to afford getting Puffy neutered. It's fairly expensive where I live. Anyway, just wanted to get this all straight.
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