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Well, hello everyone.

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Just thought I mine as well make my first post. I have a white and orange cat. Not sure of the breed, but its an indoor only cat. I have grown quite attached to him.
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Well, hello there to you too! :laughing2 Nice to see ya, I have an orange tabby he used to be an outside cat, but 1800.00 more! :laughing2....he's on his way to recovery baby Opie...have any pics of your boy?

Love & Peace,
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Welcome, welcome. Oh I have always loved orange and white cats!! Can you post a pic for all of us to see.

Again welcome you will love it here
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Welcome Guy!

Does your cat have a name? :laughing2:

Hope you enjoy your visits here!
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Hello there, and welcome!

Yes, what IS your kitty's name??? Hmmm??? My beautiful black and white long hair kitten cat is referred to as Spawn because we were fairly sure she was the spawn of Satan. Now that she's older, we're sure of it, but love her dearly anyway.
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Feel free to share about your cat or your life or both! Welcome again!
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Nice to meet you!!! I hope you come back around soon and tell us more about yourself and your cat! Welcome!!!!!!
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Awwwwwww!! What a sweet kitty
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He's a beauty!
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Ok, well this is nikki. Ill make another post with me. He is about 4 years old, and is truly adored by me. He doesnt do a whole lot, except sleep on me, and try to get outside on occasion. Other than that, he is pretty laid back cat. Couldnt ask for a better companion right now in life

And, this is me. I used to work in the auto business as a finance guru, but recently started my own business. I enjoy cars, as you can tell, if any of you know what that is, its a 2002 LS6 I was putting in my car. Other than that, I am a pretty boring person.
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Boring, maybe...but cute :tounge2:
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Welcome!!! Actually, you are pretty good looking!!1 So you are into cars. Wow! Are you into auto racing? What is your name. I am really glad you could join us! :blossom: :girlie: :pinky:
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I was just going to say the same thing!!!!! Your cat is adorable!!! And you are pretty handsome yourself! I am sure your cat won't be your only companion for too long!

Nikki is a cute name!
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Great pics!

Thanks for introducing Nikki...and yourself!
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Welcome to you and your beautiful Nikki, you are going to like it here, lots of cats and lots of reallynice people

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Nothing boring there,bud....and the car is????
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Well! You're either very rich OR you were very lucky and in the right place at the right time to have a 2002 LS6 in your possession. So. Who in the world makes a wiring harness for that conversion? What are you putting it in? Details, dude, details!

Very cute kitty! And the other picture... well, I'm drooling: where WOULD a girl get an engine like that? (Oh, I crack myself up!)
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Geez, they're circling already! :laughing2 :laughing2

Settle down, ladies! You'll frighten him! :paranoid3 :laughing2 :laughing2

Good for you for pursuing something you enjoy! Too many people hang out in jobs they hate for the paycheck, trading their lives for a few dollars. But to do something you love, ah, that's a good thing.

Cats are great companions when you're single. They love to see you, they get along okay without you all day, they aren't high maintenance, and you can go away for a weekend without having to arrange for someone to walk them.
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Oh dear! I wouldn't want to frighten anyone! Just waiting to hear about the car...
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If I started showing you guys all my cars, we would be here forever...LOL I am shocked somebody knows what an LS6 is

It was in my 2001 Z28, now its in my 2002 Z28 Convert.

I am what you call trailer park trash.....LOL I was paying huge amounts of money for rent, then realized I was single one day, and decided I could live allot cheaper right now...LOL

Dont worry about me getting scared, that would be hard to do

No harness was needed, since the cars came with LS1's, and they are basically the same engine...almost. You should be able to order the 02 LS6 thru a dealership now. I got my hands on it because my parts guy at the dealership I worked at was really really really

By the way, how does 12.2@110mph sound to you? Ill be quite now, or ill talk cars all day with you

If you look in the upper right, youll see the car sitting there on the rack. I have a ton of pics if anyone wants to look at them, just shoot me an email.
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Welcome Guy!

Well those are some really nice cars and I love the cat! As for living in a trailer.....well that dont make you trash!! At least I hope not as I live in one too.. But mine is on 2 acres and not in a park. Not too wild about neighbors that close.

Later, Meme
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Welcome! Nice to meet you and your furrball!!
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Nice looking car. It is very sporty. Sorry, I don't know a lot about cars but I know if I like them or not. Living in a mobile home is not trashy. My mother lives in a mobile home because she is on a fixed income (social security) and her home is fixed so nice as are a lot of homes where she lives. Anyway, I know there are some trashy houses, too.

I think your cat is beautiful. I have a grey and white tuxie.

Hope you show some more pictures. You are a very nice looking guy.

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Seems to me that all the women here are perhaps just as interested in JustSomeGuy as the kitty.....::::whistleing:::

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Actually, all of us who have trouble with cars or will have trouble can use some help from an expert. That way, the next time we have to go to the mechanics and they tell us what is wrong, then we can ask JustSomeGuy for a second opinion.:laughing2
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Welcome to you and your fur baby and your cars! It is always nice to see a new face. Please post often and jump in on the conversations.
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