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Help! ASAP

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ahhh! i dont know what has gotten into my Kitten ever since yesterday shes been tryin to get my moms birds that are ontop of my refrigerator in a cage.. I tried the Spraying with water approach,but let me tell you.. My kitten is Craaazyy and she is determined to get up there.. She got up there and i sprayed her with water and took her down.. SHE STILL TRIED AGAIN and this time my bro poured the water on her but she just sat there and i took her down..I dont kno what else to do .. All she wants to do is get the birds!

My mom doesnt like that ans she says that if she keeps on were gonna have to give her away helppp plz
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Please don't pour water on your cat. She is doing what is natural, she is going after her prey which are birds. Put the birds into a room by themselves that she can't get to them, and later as she grows up, gradually start introducing her to the birds- but please STOP pouring water on her.
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Its not that i want to but ihave the everything catbook and it says that spraying a cat with water can help "behavior problems".. I have no other rooms.. my mom would probably refuse to put the birds in her room but cloudy has been after them allll day
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Hissy is right - you are punishing Cloudy for doing something that is natural for a cat to do - go after birds. This is not a behavior problem, it's Cloudy's instinct to do this. You can't expect to train your kitten to ignore the birds; it's too irresistible to her. Even pouring water on her, which you should NOT do, won't stop her, as you've found out.

Since it is unreasonable to expect your kitten not to try to get to the birds, you're going to have to find a way to keep them separated. It's not fair for your kitten to lose her home over this. It's you and your mom's responsibility to keep both the birds and your kitten safe. You chose to bring Cloudy into a house with birds.
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Pleas like the others said dont punish her.. Have you tried covering the cage?? Tried a firm no and then get kitty doing somthing else??/
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Yeah telling her no, taking her off, but she dont stop .. ill try covering the cage
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Again, she is a kitten, they are birds, she eats birds to survive. You are asking her to curb her natural ability, she can no more do that than you could volunteer to stop breathing.

If you are using a spray bottle YOU DO NOT SPRAY THE CAT you spray away from the cat, to get her attention, get her to thinking there is a mouse in the corner of the room, so she goes away from the undesirable action, and you redirect that activity.
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Well i tried covering the cage, but its like if the birds are calling her or something .. Now she was mudering a roach! LOL i didnt care really but she was eating it, so i swiped the mop and shes started following it .. I guess her Instincts are starting to kick in
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Hey I had one kitty who was best friends with the pigeons ... maybe she wants to get to know..
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Lol i doubt it, i got a crazy kitten, shes gotten crazy now that shes 1 month older shes been doign alot of hunting, mostly stalking my feet or biting my cousins.. But once i showed her the birds and she was scared ..NOW all of a sudden she wants go up there,, And with that determination i doubt she only wants to say Hi lol

But i thnk the birds provoke her because she starts meowing at them and they peep at her and jump around.. but when she starts climbing they all go the corner.. LOL, i let her stand there to see what she was going to do but she just stood there with her eyes wide.. SO i took her off.. My mom is scared bc shes had those birds for years and they just had babies ..
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You really need to find a solution before your cat DOES get to those birds.

If you gave my cat a few hours in your apartment, at least half of those birds would end up dead. Nano has made some amazing jumps and reached areas that I thought would be impossible. If I leave a can or bag of food on the table, or anything yummy or fun, she will selectively knock that specific item to the floor -- hoping the fall will break open the packaging so she can get at it. This is not by accident or me imagining things or a one-time coincidence. Read the forums to learn how common it is for cats to open or close doors and do whatever else they learn by imitation. If Nano wants something bad enough, she can figure out a way to make it happen.

A birdcage on a refrigerator? Nano could jump 6" with a running start, and once up there she could nudge the birdcage off the edge and knock it to the floor. If the birdcage breaks get the idea. If Cloudy is half as intelligent or resourceful as some of the cats around here, these birds will eventually become her snack -- your cat is only going to continue to get physically stronger and smarter over time.
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I had a cat that killed a canary in a cage on a stand by knocking the stand over. Another one fished all the goldfish out of my neighbour's pond. They will do these things and it is impossible to stop. You just have to find a place she cannot get to, and as Nano says, they are very resourceful and determined.
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Some cats are like that, really big hunt instints. My suggestion is to make sure she has plenty of toys - none that have feathers or squeak like a bird! - Try to distract her by playing with her away from the birds.

My cats don't really bug my larger birds, but the smaller birds are in another room - the door is usually open, but we can close it at night so the birds can get a good night sleep. The cats also know that they aren't supposed to go in that room.....but they do on occasion anyway.
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1. Your kitten is not "Crazy!"

2. Being a kitten she needs you to play with her to stop her getting bored!.

3. Tell your mum to put the bird cage up a height where the kitten can't reach them.

4. Like the others have said, don't squirt water at it or worst still pour water on it!!
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I hope you have found a solution for the bird issue.
I read here and in another post that your kitten is stalking your feet and biting your cousins....She shouldn't be allowed to do that.
But please, as other posters suggest, DON'T punish her for what is entirely natural.

Does she have many stalking and prey toys? Get her some interactive toys like Cat Dancer, or laser pointer or fishing pole toys and have some good play sessions with her each day so that she has an outlet. Hopefully it will redirect her away from the birds and satisfy that need of hers...

When she does go for your feet, always have a toy in your pocket that you can throw across the floor so she goes for that instead...If you keep punishing her, she may become aggressive...

Hope it works out!
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LOL Cloudy is starting to get her killer instincts , and she already knows how to open doors, i find that cute.. i close my door and she sticks her paws under and opens it and YES I have noticed that she Jumps very high! and she jumps like 3ft without running.. ekk.. But i think i fxed the problem.. This morning she was on her usual stalking the birds when i took her and i closed her in my room and i took the birdcage and took it to my moms room high on her drawer which is like 5ft high. then i closed the door behind me.. I think that cloudy just wanted to get ontop of the Refrigerator bc i let her get up once the birds were out of there and now she doesnt bother getting up there anymore, i hope she dont sniff out the birds lol..

If she does kill the birds.. there will be like 6 deaths in this house.. My mom would go berserk! but hopefully shell leave the birds alone
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Also, what about hanging the cage from the ceiling? I would prefer you move them to another room but if you can't, this may be an option, ,instead of having them somewhere they can get knocked over...
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I was thinking that also, that would make it alot easier Probably put them in the living room since cloudy doesnt got there, but none the less shes not allowd in my moms room, my mom has "allergies" althou i dont belive that lol
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Yeah.. the hanging from the ceiling Help. My cats tried to get my birds constantly.. I have had the birds much longer than the cats so I wasn't going to let them get hurt, or give them away. After one of the boys jumped from a chair onto the china cabinet and then knocked the bird cage off anf almsot ate them, then we bought the chain set and the cage is now hanging from the ceiling. Only once since then ahs their ever been an incident where the cat has jumped and hung from the cage.. they still pay alot of attentiont o the birds.. but they know now that they can't get them and are not allowed to get them and don't even try to anymore.
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Yea thats how my mom feels shes had those birds for years and they have chicks so they are atleast 6 birds in there, my mom doesnt want them to get hurt. But i am seriously considering the hanging from the celling. :-)
My mom is not home now but ill tell her when she gets here
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Also remember that it is not the cat's fault- female cats make the fiercest hunters because they have to feed their family. Cloudy is acting on instinct, and I understand that you are a youngster, but I hope you don't punish Cloudy for doing natural things
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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
Also, what about hanging the cage from the ceiling? I would prefer you move them to another room but if you can't, this may be an option, ,instead of having them somewhere they can get knocked over...
I was just about to reply and suggest this too.

Hang the cage high up from the ceiling, and make sure it isn't too close to anything the cat can use as a launching pad to jump onto the cage (no furniture under where you hang the cage). At least she won't be able to knock it over!

It would also be better if it's out of site (in another room) as a further precaution!

I hope you find a long-term solution... good luck
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Originally Posted by Mz_ClouDy
Yeah telling her no, taking her off, but she dont stop .. ill try covering the cage
The birds need lights, so, I don't think it's a good idea to cover the cage.
Cats go after birds, it's their instinct. My cats also go after my bids. I ususally tell them no, and they would stop for while, but if I am not looking, they will try again. So, my birds now in a separate room. One time I was bird sitting and my cat jumped on the cage which caused the cage to fall over but the bird was o'key. Interestingly, though, my older cat mostly ignores the birds, it's the younger cat that goes after them. Well, maybe he will wise up as he grows.
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Yeah thats what i also think, i think its a phase.. Shell get over it i hope.. i only covered the birds at night so she wouldnt " be attracted", i wont punish her.. i never really did just that time, bc i didnt kno what else to do , and i read it on the "everything Cat book" about how that can solve behavior "problems".. As a matter of fact i gave her a treat and i told her that i was sorry.. Now the problem is getting her to stop climbing on the counter tops and the refrigerator.. Maybe if i just Keep her off , and when i catch her in the act of climbing her pulling her down.. Kittens are a handful but i love her
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you could alway stry getting one of those cages that hooks on the ceiling for the birds. This way the cat has nothing to jump on an dhas to jump straight up to get thme, and though cats can jump high they shouldnt be able to jump that high straight up. Otherwise tell you mom to stop being mean and put her birds in her room. Who keeps birds in the kitchen on top of a fridge anyways?
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I know other people have given their opinions, and most have acted like this might be a phase or just play and were trying to lull you into thinking there is no real danger to the birds. But I want to plainly say:

There are some indoor cats who would definitely get at those birds and kill them. That is not an opinion or a vague theoretical possibility -- some cats would do it. The only issue is whether Cloudy is that much of a hunter. And that is something you really don't know yet...?

Anyway, I suggest you talk to your mom this weekend and say Cloudy is getting bigger and it is time you cat-proof your home. Go through each room of the house logically and take care of any lingering hazards. Things that she might break/damage, things that might hurt Cloudy, any other issues. And during this review, point out the danger to the birds and hang the birdcage in the best place you can to keep them separated. Then, if something were to go wrong, at least you know you had proper diligence and did all you could.

It's not an easy situation but good luck! You sound like you have a good attitude about it.
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My kitten doesn't like anything sticky. You might try puting some sort of sticky paper or tape on the counter that she likes to jump on to see if that keeps her off.
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Oh, and Cloudy is adorable! She is such a cute kitten!
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