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I have the drink well fountain with the addition reservoir (sp) that holds an aditional 50 oz. My cats love it!! Before I got that one of my cats would only drink from a running faucet so it was well worth the money. I got mine over a year ago and haven't had any problems yet. The best part was when I got mine it was $20.00 less than it is now.
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Originally Posted by Charcoal View Post
I chose the catit because of the style. The food bowl wasn't a big deal to me. They love licking the dome. Now I know they are getting enough water.
I know your post was a while ago, but do your cats still like the Catit Fountain. I am looking to purchase a fountain and have read through all the posts and now am totally confused which one to get. Any current help from anyone will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I have the petmate fresh flow and my cats love it. But after I bought that one I learned there are different kinds and I wish I had the drinkwell since the water is free falling in that one more like a faucet. The petmate has a ramp the water flows down. My cats really do like it tho so I am happy with it.
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Thank you kitytize. Mine do like faucets so the drinkwell may be the best for them. I saw that catit and it does look neat, but it is for the cats not me!
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I have the catit. we've also had the freshflow in the past. I can't say I like one of them over the other, although I have had some conversations about the fact that the water goes through the filter before hitting the pump in the catit, whereas with the freshflow it goes through the pump first (causing it to wear out faster).
The catit also has a bigger resovior, which I like. Some people find it easier to clean, although I don't see the difference in difficulty.

The drinkwell isn't for me, I couldn't handle the sound of pouring water all day and night...I'd never leave the bathroom
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I also have the Cat it and my cats love it. I turn it off at night and when they see that there is no water running they just walk away like "I'll come back later". I have another bowl of water I keep in the bathroom and they'll drink out of that one two but they prefer the fountain. I have two cats and when I fill up the Cat it reservoir it lasts for about a week.
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Thank you both so much. I really liked the looks of the catit and I like the fact that the water goes through the filter before the pump. Guess I will go for that one. I worry more about these cats water than my own! But, they are worth it!
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