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Best Biodegradeable Cat Litter?

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Okay, I've just about had it with regular kitty litter. I've been using Fresh Step and I've noticed its inconsistency. Sometimes the bags have a lot of the blue crystals and at other times, the clay seems almost ground to a pulp of dust. When I cleaned out the litter boxes a few days ago, I got a huge whiff of silica dust.

I want to switch to either Feline Pine or Swheat Scoop and I'd like to know which one is best. Another reason for switching is having the clay litter sitting around in a landfill and with the Feline Pine or Swheat Scoop, I can just compost it or use it around the flower beds.

Feline Pine or Sweat Scoop? Thanks!
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try the sweat fist just by the fact it is shaped more like regular litter..
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I got Feline Pine for mine, and they won't use it unless it is mixed with the old litter. They refuse to use the box with just the Feline Pine in it. So I guess I would try the other litter.
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I have a friend that uses Swheat Scoop and loves it. The only bad thing I've heard is you need to use liners, because otherwise it sticks to the box like cement. She used Feline Pine for a while and thought it didn't really cover odors well.
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I would go for world's best, it's made of corn. I tried sweat scoop but stopped using it because it would stick to the litter pan something awful. As for feline pine, my cat hated it.
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In my opinion, The World's Best Cat Litter was the best biodegradeable litter I've used. Swheat Scoop stuck to the bottom of the pan, even when I used Pam. Feline Pine was horrible. I think I hated it more than my cats.
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