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Do you always make your bed?

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are you a bedmaker? do you automatically make your bed when you crawl out of it in the morning or is it ever always unmade?? mine is sometimes...I am not a big bed maker but when I go into a big cleaning spree and wash everything, that is when all beds are made and Rocky is the one who loves to help me!
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Yes! I always make my bed
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I do have to say that most of the time I do...although it may not be done neatly.LOL.
I have to make it though because of my cats.If I leave the covers down they get my sheets sooooo hairy.
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Nope! The bed gets made on average once a week, when I wash my sheets or if I have company coming!
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heck no...
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Always make it.
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I keep saying that I'm going to start making my bed every day. But so far, I don't. It gets made about once a week and normally that's for sheet washing and/or changing.
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Only if I know that company's coming.
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Making your bed!? What does that mean...I have never heard of anything like it
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Make a bed? Like with wood and nails, ect? No, I don't do that. I leave that to the furniture people
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I always at least pull the covers up neatly as soon as I get up, but don't completely make the bed every day.
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With my cats in or out of my bed?
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I ALWAYS make my bed. I only have a duvet cover and some pillows on my bed so it's easy.
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nope, haha, about twice a week, when the sheets get changed and I clean (tidy) the house. Sometimes my best friend will do it, not that I ask her to, she is just an "avid bed maker". And anyways, my bed only consits of a bottom sheet and a doona
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As long as there isn't a body still in it when I get out of it, yes, I do make it. If Rob's still between the sheets, I tidy my side as best I can and hope that he'll finish the job Well, that's not entirely fair -- sometimes he does -- sorta.
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Nope, only when I wash the bedding
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I have never try before, how to do it?
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sometimes i do if a can be bothered other times i wait untill just before i get in it
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Hrmn... I don't really make my bed. Thing is, there's a difference between making a bed... and rebuilding it!! I'm a bit of a roller - when I get really really tired I can get into bed and I'll wake up in exactly the same place as I went to sleep (kinda like dying for 12 hours at a time) but most nights I make an absolute mess of my sheets just turning over to get comfy
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Always make it!
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i wish i could say i always make it, but i actually hardly make it. Mostly because Brendan and I have complete opposite schedules. He works overnights and I work days, so someone is almost always sleeping in the bed! And once I get home from work I am too lazy to do it. Somedays Brendan will make it when he gets up though.
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i dont make it as soon as i get up because i rather check on here! then when im satisfied i go and do my house duties
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Originally Posted by Fat Clumsy Cat
I have never try before, how to do it?
Making the bed just means straightening the sheets and blankets over the bed when you get up in the morning.

I have never been a bed-maker, but a few years ago my husband got in the habit, so now I do it too. If only I could get him to wash dishes and do laundry....LOL!
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Originally Posted by momof6Mews
Making your bed!? What does that mean...I have never heard of anything like it

Make the bed up every day? Life's too short so. . . !!
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I make it everyday. I just can't take it if it's not....don't ask me why....
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I only make my bed when I wash the sheets & pillowcases. The cats prefer it unmade because they like the blankets all bunched up (Zorro does anyways!).

And even when I *do* make my bed, after it's been all washed... there's always a cat or two who thinks it's the coolest thing in the world and wants ta play on it.
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why make the bed i'm just going to get in and mess it up again
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It's almost never made. My DH rolls out of bed after I am off to work, and he's never one to straighten up the sheets.
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