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Ahhhh the glories of living in Florida. But then that also means we'll all be staring at maps like this in a very short while:

I lived in Tennessee all my life until moving here a couple of years ago. Nobody in TN knows how to drive in the snow so when it was coming, you knew to pack in for a few days. My husband is from Alaska and wants to move back there.

Um, no.
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Oh the weather outside is frightful, having a foot of snow in spring is soooo delightful. No electricity, no water and nothing to do, LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW!!!!! Well, it is still snowing. I did lose power, but for now, it is back on. But, if it keeps this up and all this wind, who knows how long it is going to last. Trees down, power lines's a beautifull day in the neighborhood.
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John, have you taken Amber & Boris out to play in it?
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Yep, I keep eyeing the trees - and I keep going out to shake the snow off of my one and only evergreen. We've lost power, but only for a few seconds each time (knock on wood!) And it doesn't look like it is going to stop before 4 am tomorrow.... or later.

We went out eariler and tree limbs and trees were down everywhere.

Hopefully Susie is doing OK - haven;t heard from her today - getting a little worried.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
John, have you taken Amber & Boris out to play in it?
Not yet, I really should however. I know how much they love the snow.
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I"m here Trace! Luckily no power outages for us. 3 weeks ago we lost it for 3 days and that was plenty!! But we do have at least 6-7 inches of snow and it's still coming down fast and furious! This is just downright sickening!!! Ive heard next weekend is supposed to be 67, so Im concentrating on that right now! LOL
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ugh its snowing here now.. i dont thing its suposed to accumulate though. sorry to all of you who have lost power!!! its a good thing its not bad here because having the reef tank with no electricity causes HORRID worrying!!! lol I hope its not slippery out though since i have on my new 17" rims and racing tires :-o
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We had a dusting of snow on the ground here in TN this morning. We really didn't get much in the way of snow this winter though. Really wasn't that cold either. It's certainly different than what I was used to in the mtns of WV.
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Could you please send some snow my way?? I never get tired of snow!
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Never get tired of snow? Susie and I can find you a house in our area - the more the merrier! My power has been out for about 3 hours.... we have bird cages covered, all drapes drawn and a fire going in the fireplace. I have first watch (for the fire) so I am playing with my laptop with verizon wireless access..... I forgot to charge it last night though, so Only about 2-3 hours juice time.
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I just drove home from my mom's and in an hours time hit a thunderstorm, fog as thick as pea soup and then a blizzard Last week it was 30 degrees (86 F) and now it's snowing...this stinks LOL
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Power went out last night at around 8PM, it is now 6PM - still no power. I did charge my laptop in the car today when we were pricing natural gas power generator. Estime is $4,000 - ack! We really do need to get it though - hubby dosen't handle power outages well (he is definately not a Renasaince man!) and I am getting tired of it - plus having 11 tropical parrots that need to be kept warm. We don't even have a land line phone - it went out at around 9 AM this morning.
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lisalee, I'll give you all 18 inches of snow from here!

I shouldn't laugh, as this has been the worst winter (er, spring) storm that I have ever experienced! All up and down the street, either large tree branches are down (at least two from every tree) or the entire tree. About a mile away, a tree cracked and crashed on top of a ranch house and hubby told me about a guy from work whose tree fell on top of his neighbor's boat.

Looking out and seeing over a foot of snow amid blooming, flowering trees is so surreal! And I'm fortunate that I haven't lost a single tree, although some were bent right to the ground, like my pink dogwood. All have sprung back up to life and are still in flower. Mooie (Main Coon or Norwegian forest cat that he is) doesn't mind the snow, but he's definitely afraid of snow flying while melting off branches.

Now it's the big meltdown with muddy, muddy swamp-land.
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Yeah...I am back to the civilized world!!! Lets see, we had no lights, no phone and no water. I have to get used to it though, that is the norm when you live out here. Anyway, we got up to 2 feet of snow!!! Our back yard looks like a tornado went though it. My wife could not go to work. All the streets out of here were blocked by downed trees and limbs. I was able to go to work later in the morning, they were able to get one dirt road open My wife's car came within just a few feet of being hit by a HUGE tree limb. We were out there cleaning the snow off the cars when we heard this loud CRACK!! We took off running, I thought the whole tree was falling. Oh well, April snow is the norm in Northeast Ohio. Talon, as for the genrator, you do not need to spend that much money..I need to get one too. A 5,500 watt generator should do the trick to power your furnace, refrigerator, some lights, sump pump and the TV. Price for those, $600-$700 depending on the store and make or model. However, I did see a whole house generator that is powered by natural gas or propane for approx $2,600. I think it was 15,000 watts which is more than plenty. This house is already set up for a generator. It has outlets on the walls that will be powered when a genrator is hooked up. I just need to go buy one now, especially after talking with my neighbor last night. He said, "oh this is normal around here. Last year, we were without power for 2 weeks once" Time for me to go generator shopping.
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Yeah, the whole house ones were around 2600 to 3000 (depending on the 8, 10 or 12 circuit model - it ws the installation that brought it up that much!

Phones came back this morning, power is still out. Now they are saying by midnight tonight (Tuesday) - yeah.... this after they told us 6 PM Monday, then 6 PM Tuesday and now midnight.... I want running water! I want heat!

We have a guy scheduled to come out and look at what it would take to install one of those whole house generators - the small ones would work, but hubby and I are not good with electricity.

Out for some breakfast (yes I am breaking my diet) and to Lowes for some more wood... can't let the birdies freeze.
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This has been one heck of a "dogwood winter", hasn't it!

Mom says we still have dewberry and blackberry winter to get through.
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I have power!!! I never would make it if I was ever transported back in time 100 years.
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Originally Posted by Talon
I have power!!! I never would make it if I was ever transported back in time 100 years.

YEA!!! I never would have either Tracey......
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this post make me feel...
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Ok, it's May 3rd and you know what it did last night?? It snowed again!!! Well, it did not accumulate this time, but it sure did snow. I heard something hitting the window. I looked outside and it was coming down like crazy. Well, I think spring may finally get here later this week, just in time for my vacation!!! I hope so, my yard is a disaster from all the tree limbs that came down from last Sunday and Monday when up to 2 feet of snow fell. I can not even walk back there because the ground is so soft from all the melted snow and rain.
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Yep, I saw sleet bouncing down the sidewalks - co workers said they saw big flakes. The weatherman said flurries again today.

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Originally Posted by Talon
Yep, I saw sleet bouncing down the sidewalks - co workers said they saw big flakes. The weatherman said flurries again today.

That's right Tracey, lets all chant!!!

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We've been 20 - 30 degrees cooler than normal down here.

I want to wear my flip flops!
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Well,living in Geauga County I should be used to the snow by now. But, Cedar Point will be open in 4 days and that mean ROLLER COASTER season is here That is of course, if the bobcats allow me to go
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This is my first season in Geauga..... hopefully the next ones won't be so white. Geauga lake opens in a few days too.
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Ya we had snow and hail yesterday/last night
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