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Scary night last night...vibes for my mom please! (kinda long) - Page 2

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I'm so sorry for you and your family, Lacey. How scary! Sending good vibes and prayers from Chicago!
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how terrifying--prayers and well wishes to your family
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thank you everyone for your kind words and compassion. She hasn't had any more trouble with it yet, and I will continue to pray that she won't.

Thanks again!
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Oh Lacy, i am so sorry this happend. My thought and prayers go out to your family. I hope your mom is alright!
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Thank you, Meagan
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF
She was out for a while, then the doctor finally came in and did tests and, to make an even longer story short, he thinks she has what is called "Meniere's Disease". I

I apologize for making this so long, but it really scared me alot.


Lacey, a review of that info about Menieres Disease says it is basically a "rule-out" diagnosis. If the symptoms cannot be explained by anything else, it is Menieres. I don't know how they could decide for sure that is the problem in the ER! It seems to me that she needs to see a good neurologist for a thorough evaluation!

Best of luck to you and your parents. I am so happy you were there and insisted on calling 911! Wise daughter!
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The doctor had heard that my mom's ear, nose, and throat specialist had said that she had just about every symptom of it being Meniere's...but I guess this incident really put the icing on the cake. Everything that happened to her and has been happening in the past points straight to this "disease"...after many tests in the ER the doctor told us there wasn't anything else (by the results) that it would have been, besides this.
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Lacey, your Mum is in my thoughts!
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thank you, Sam!!!
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Your mom is in our thoughts and prayers (and so are you!)
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Lacey, I just found this thread. I am so sorry about your mom and your scary experience. My mom was diagnosed with Meneires a number of years ago. Talk to her Ear/Nose/Throat doctor. There ARE meds that can help with the dizzyness. Its not a condition without a remedy.

My mom gets a sense that the dizziness is coming on. She takes her meds, and it reduces the dizziness. Don't give up hope.
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My aunt has that disease. I know that she takes certain prescription meds, herbal remedies, and has acupuncture done. She swears by the acupuncture.
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Sorry to hear that Lacey. I hope your mom will recovery quickly.
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My mother has suffered from vertigo attacks for years, and has meds to help the inner ear balance, but did not stop the problem. She has also tried acupuncture, which helped a bit. But she has started getting regular neck massages, and has not had an attack since. The physio thinks she has a trapped nerve that is affecting her balance.
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