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Hmm...I opened the other bag of Temptations and now she seems much more enthusiastic.

I was meaning to buy catnip, but I accidently picked up a can of "Kookamunga Catnip Treats" so that is also now an option. I don't want Nano to overdose on treats/snacks but I am still working my way through the options...a little bit at a time each day.
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Right now her three favorite treats seem to be:

1. Aquariyums
2. Whisker Lickins
3. Pounce

Any other ideas or things to try? What are your cat's favorite treats?
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Mine like the soft Aquariyums. There are 2 varieties and they like them both.
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My cats can hear the sound of the ziploc with the cheese in it from across the house with 2 fans and the tv going. they will knock down anything in their way to get to it. They will pick and choose other treats (temptations sometimes, pounce never). But when you really want some loving...cheese all the way!
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Every morning (ox reminds me when its time!!) the cats get about a tablespoon of canned cat food. They are not fussy and will eat any kind. Pounce they do not touch. I bought some freeze dried salmon bits from Pat & Alix but only one cat really liked them. I will give tuna juice, cottage cheese. Ox cause he's the oldest will jump on sofa if I'm eating chips. He will eat about 1 large chip total. He also will eat fritos, doritos etc. The older ones also adore ice cream!! This is probably bad but if I cook a turkey I will put the carcass outside and the 3 olders ones will chew on that!! They cats will also sneak on counter and lick butter or if I have a small container of "grease"-a couple of them will eat also.
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I got those Whiskas Deli Selects (or whatever they are called) too - with the TidyCats.

Treats are ONLY for training/reward in my house...or for my mother to buy her love when she comes over during the workday to play with her. (Smidge is afraid of everyone except for me)

the prob with those Wiskas treats though...they are so strongly flavored that if I hide them in my pocket for withdrawaling when rewarding...she KNOWs they are there - can smell them - and "attacks" my pocket to get to them!
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I give the boys a different treat every day so they don't get bored. The treats they seem to like are Kookamunga Salmon Flavored treats, Kitty Kaviar, Pit'r Pat Breath Mints, Smarty Kat's Shrimp Treats and occasionally a small piece of fresh ahi. I also leave out a little bowl of catnip grass for them to nibble on.
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Toby's favortie treat is vanilla ice cream, he sneaks it when I am not looking

But as far as commercial treats, he'll eat Whisker Lickens and Pounce. I also just give him canned food as a treat, he loves beef and gravy by friskees.

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All four of ours LOVE Whiskas Temptations, all flavors. (Pepsi prefers beef flavor, and Ace prefers chicken flavor. Skittles and Ozzy like them all equally.) They love the crunchy outside and soft inside.

Ace also likes tortilla chips (we don't feed him those on purpose, but if he finds one laying around ... crunch crunch crunch). And he would probably consent to, say, take a bath in the sink or some other equally distasteful thing if he knew it would get him some real chicken.
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