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I'm alive and well! And so are all my cats! No burgulars or intruders. No coyote catastrophe. No one broke into my house last night when I totally screwed up!

When I came home with Purdy from the groomers yesterday, I apparently was worried about getting him in, was distracted, and didn't close the door to the attached garage. And as usual, I didn't lock the door from the garage to the house. When I went to the garage last night at 9:30 for something, I saw that garage door #1 was open. I pushed the button to close it, and thought Red Cat had run inside. Instead, he apparently went out through garage door #2, which I didn't realize was open, also. Welll, he showed up at 5:00 this morning meowing at my bedroom glass slider to the second floor deck. Turns out that the door for the second car in the garage was also open, which would have allowed any trespasser to just walk into my house while I slept. I hadn't realized that garage door was open, too. I must have hit the wrong button when I originally came into the house with Purdy. The second garage door isn't too visible from the garage-to-house door where the button is, as there is a big cabinet in the way, so I didn't notice it at 9:30 last night.

Anyway, we are all safe. I don't consider that a little thing. That was a BIG thing! And it definitely makes me happy just that we are all alive and well.
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That I could literally get a 5% (a typical 100% scale) on one of my finals (which incidentially is an essay due Sunday night) and STILL get an A in the class!!!!!!!!!
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I was doing a search and found this thread. With all of the bad thigns goign on these days, I thought it would be good to remind us all of the good things!

One of today's good things is that it is POURING out! We have had a drought all summer, so this is good!

My husband is working from home today, so Abby and I have company!
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My one cup of coffee made me really happy today.

I also just recieved an email from my husband... that always makes the day better.
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I got my mammogram out of the way so I don't have to worry about it for another whole year! AND it only took about 15 minutes total from the time I walked in the door! That sure made me happy!
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I have so many tomatoes, I found a great salsa recipe and canned several pints.
I already have supper in the slow cooker, so I don't have to work tonight making it.
This morning I caught my good friend in Australia online and we chatted for an hour.
Now I need a nap!
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I received 2 wonderful surprises in the mail from TCS members This website is something that made me happy today!
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We flew into Thunder Bay today and I was able to go to Tim Horton's for my tea!! (it's like Canada's version of Starbucks)...oh I love it..can't get that stuff where I live now
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I woke up this morning to Harley purring right next to me (that always makes me happy!)

I got new pictures from home (from my baby cousins and family members!) I love pictures!!

Oh, and its payday, that ALWAYS makes me happy!!
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I'm happy because I get to take a spin class with Brendan today and then get to pick up some extra cash by subbing for another instructor's Washboard Abs class right after spin!

Another thing that made me happy was talking to Brendan about being a playboy bunny and him being Heff for Halloween! It really made me giddy and anxious to go buy a costume already!!!!

And, the smallest thing that put a smile on my face today was going into the bathroom, looking in my bathtub, and seeing Waffle and Coco sitting side-by-side in the tub, staring back at me!
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Emma woke me up to snuggle at about 8 this morning, which was nice. The weather here is cooling down, finally!
Also, I bought a clorox toilet brush and I love it! We have 3 and a half baths in the new house, so there's FOUR toilets to clean! YIKES! It's really easy and much more sanitary than a toilet brush.
Also, tonight is my last night of class til Monday, and I'm making my favorite soup for us for dinner--tortellini en brodo! Cheese tortellini in a chicken-y broth. YUM!

That's what made me happy today!
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