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For Ashley!

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Ashley (Ash_bct) has just phoned. Her Godchild, Kayla, was involved in a very bad car accident, and has been taken to the Children's Hospital. All she knows right now is Kayla has severe liver damage as well as other unspecified injuries. Ashley loves her Godchild so much and is devastated. She is on her way to the hospital and wants everyone to know she may not be around for a while. Let's all keep Kayla in our prayers and thoughts and send our love and support to Ashley during this difficult time.
You know my heart is with you, Ash.
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Ash and Kayla are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated Stephanie as you find out more infomation. Poor Ashley and Kayla. Its good that Ash can be with her and help her.
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Oh my gosh ash!!
*sends prayers that her little girl is alright*
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Sending good vibes and lots of prayers their way
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Good Grief! Lots of prayers coming from here!
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Oh thats so sad

Take care Ash, and know that Kayla is in our thoughts right now

Thanks for letting us know Stephanie
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I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers for Ashely and Kayla.
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Ash just gave me a call as well to let me know of the news before her & Brandon start the drive to the childrens hospital. I believe its over 2 hours from where they are...

stay strong Ashley my friend, know that Kayla & Chantel are in our thoughts
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Ashley, know that you, Kayla, and the rest of her family are in our thoughts and prayers
Stephanie, thank you for letting us know!
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I'm so sorry to hear this! Lots of prayers and good vibes for Kayla, Ashley, and their family!
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Oh Ashley, all my thoughts and prayers are headed your way and are with your Godchild........I know this is a hard time, but try to stay positive that all will be ok in the end..........we're here if you need us!
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Oh how awful! Tragedy seems to be knocking on many of our members doors this month.


I will keep Kayla and her family in my prayers and hope that she will be alright.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. I'll keep Ashley, Kayla and the whole family in my thoughts.
I know that seeing a loved on in the hospital can be really tough. This must be a terribly difficult time for you and yours. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Kayla and the family. If there's anything else you need, please let us know. Again, I'm very sorry to hear of the accident and I'm sending get well vibes for Kayla and strength vibes to you and the family.
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Oh no. I will be praying for Ash and her family.
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Dear Ashley, you and Kayla are in my prayers...
I send you my best wishes for her soon recovery....
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Sending prayers for Kayla and Ashley...
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Ash and Kayla - I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that Kayla will soon be better
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Ashley, you and Kayla are in my thoughts.
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Ashley.. You and Kayla and family are in my thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time
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Ashley, Kayla and her family will be in my thoughts.
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I'm really sorry to hear about Ashley's Godchild. I hope she gets well taken care of at the children's hospital.
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oh dear. Ashley, we are sending meag vibes for you and Kayla. I know you to be a deeply faithful and strong person and this must affect you so very much. I hope and pray that mending will occur fast. Please let me know if there's anything I many do for you.
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You are both in my thoughts and prayers
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Prayers on the way. Please keep us informed as you can. Thanks.
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Oh no, Ashley!

Kayla, you and Kaylas family are in my thoughts! Lots of vibes coming her way.

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Oh no, Ash!

I'm so sorry!


Here's hoping she gets better soon.
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Prayers and thoughts are being made... Hope everything will be all right. Let us know any updates!
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Ashley, mega vibes heading Kayla's way. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and I hope that she recovers quickly.
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Oh no, Ashley I'm sorry to hear about Kayla. My prayers are with you, Kayla, and her family.
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Prayers for wisdom for the doctors, healing for Kayla, and peace for the family and loved ones, especially Ashley!
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