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Little Bit.....a gentle little angel

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Little Bit passed away in my arms a little while ago, my friends. I was here with her mom the day she was born,Good Friday of 2004, and I was with her when she left here on April 17th, 2005. Such a short life for such a sweet little girl! I've never seen a cat that was a gentle as Bit, if she jumped in your lap, you'd better catch her, because she'd fall off before she would engage her claws! Run free, my little girl, Mommy is going to miss you.
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Cindy, I know your pain is strong, but I know your love is stronger-

You have my heart-
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Cindy, your pain and grief will be felt by many. Little Bit touched many people here. May she run free with the angels...
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Little Bit is in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry for your loss
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How sad, I'm sorry you're going through this. Little Bit is in my prayers.
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Cindy, I'm truly sorry to hear this. My heart is breaking for you. RIP Little Bit.

Thinking of you and Charlie.
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Drat, where's my tissues...
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my thoughts are with you at this time my friend...

run free and healthly Lil Bit and chase those butterflies
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I am so sorry you lost your Little Bit
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That poor girl. I'm really sorry to hear that Cindy.
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Run free at the Bridge Little Bit sweetie!!
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Oh, Cindy, I'm so incredibly sorry you lost your precious baby. If only there was something I could do or say to relieve you of this pain. Little Bit is in Heaven now frollicking among the angels.She loves you so much and knows just how much you love her. She couldn't have received more love or better care during her time here with us. I know your heart is breaking now, dear friend, please remember I'm right here for you any time at all.
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I am so sorry Cindy, she was so young! May my Shep guide her as she crosses over the bridge and may she find sweet friends to romp and play with.

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Dearest Cindy, she had the very best, she did. You were there for her in every way for the time God put her here on earth. Now she is in peace and happy. You were her real life angel and you did whatever was necessary. You are a very strong and beautiful woman and you will be her angel, still. And she will be yours, too.
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Aw, Cindy -- bummer! I'm so sorry to hear your sweetie's gone. Please take care of you.

Have fun with the butterflies, little angel.
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Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry to see this. You did good and I know she's happier now.
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Cindy, when I logged on this morning it just broke my heart to see Little Bit's name in the Blue Room. I'm so very sorry. You cared so much for her and she tried so hard to stay with you. She is free from struggle now and will be carried with you in your heart always.

RIP Little Bit
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You did everything there was to do, but God wanted Lil Bit to come home. Try to remember she is there waiting, and in full health chasing the butterflys and everything wonderful at the RB.
We are all here for you, don't forget that
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Oh Cindy i certainly didn't want to see this when i got into the office

RIP Lil One and suffer no more
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cindy so sorry to hear of your pain
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Oh Cindy, I am just so sad to read this I am sorry for your loss RIP Little Bit
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Oh Cindy I'm so sorry. Little Bit definitely touched so many hearts here - and we know you did everything you possibly could for her. I know you had so many people behind you, willing everything to go well and get better and I know that many, many hearts like mine will be breaking for you now. May your love for her take her beyond the bridge to the place where only angels tread
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Thanks, to each of you, for your thoughts and prayers this past week and here in CTB. Words cannot express how touched I am that my wee little girl brought such an outpouring of kindness from so many!
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I am so sorry for your pain with the loss of Little Bit. It always seems to me that the gentle ones get taken. She was such a sweetheart. She is running with many new friends at the Bridge, growing stronger each moment. Run free Little Bit, remember you are loved and missed by many.
You and your family are in my thoughts Cindy
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Cindy, I must follow our friends here with my deepest condolences. It's so easy to love, and so hard to lose. We love you. God bless Lil bit!
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So sorry I can't be there to comfort you in person
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I am so sadden to see this today. I was hoping for a miracle, but I guess God needed another kitty angel. I wish I could comfort you , but only time will mend your broken heart. Lots of love and hugs to you and Charlie. She was lucky to have been born into such a wonderful family.
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Just recent I read this dear Cindy... my thougths to you and for the little angel too... Rip sweet angel...
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Oh, Cindy, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences to you and Charlie. RIP, Little Bit.
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