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Food and water dishes

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As I am picking up my furbabies from their breeders I have a few care questions. Does each cat need it's own food and water bowl or can they share? One is a cat and one is a kitten. Also, what ones are the best? The plastic, metal, or ceramic ones? Thanks
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Hi! You must be very excited to be picking up your kitties!

Personally, I would give them separate bowls for food (you'll need to provide kitten food for the kitten and cat food for the cat), but I let my two share water bowls. I would recommend Ceramic bowls and I would buy at least four so there is always a fresh one when it comes to feeding! I find them easy to clean too!

I hope this helps a little and I hope you'll post pictures when you bring your kitties home!
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I would also suggest separate bowls for food, and you may also want two bowls of fresh water which should be available at all times. Ceramic bowls would be my recommendation, definitely not plastic. Sierra has a pretty crystal dish on an elevated stand. You may also consider checking into a Drinkwell for their water! You must be so excited you don't know what to do !
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I'd advise against plastic bowls, and stick with glass/glazed ceramic/stainless steel, as some cats seem to develop chin acne from plastic bowls. In my experience, you can't have enough bowls. We have 1 1/2 cats, meaning our cat, plus a cat who sleeps at a neighbor's house, but eats here. We have three water bowls and a cat drinking fountain spread throughout the house, and each cat uses three food bowls a day (one for dry food, one for canned, and one for cat milk). The two cats have to be kept separated, so each has his/her own bowls. I put the bowls through the dishwasher after each use, so I have 6 food bowls for each cat, plus a few extras. You don't necessarily have to buy "pet food bowls" - soup bowls, salad dishes, etc., are usually just fine. Generally, the wider the dishes, the better the cats like them.
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I use 5 bowls with Hershey, plus I have a water fountain. I use stainless steel bowls, and clean them by putting them in the dishwaher.
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