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Aww Cindy sending loads of vibes Little Bit's way - keep holding on baby and let mommy give that special magic paste because it's good for you

Sending all the vibes I can muster Cindy
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Cindy, I'm so glad to hear good news. When I read that she wasn't doing well, I was afraid to keep reading. Mega vibes heading your way from me and my crew. Come on Little Bit, you can do it!
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I just got home, so glad to get past the "don't know what I am going to do if" post to see that she's still with you. Thank heaven.

Keeping both of you in my thoughts and prayers,
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Thanks so much you guys, for caring so much about me and my wee lil' girl! She's still here and alert, and Meowmy finally figured out part of the reason for the panicked mood that she's been in all day, it was a precursor to a full blown, puke-your-guts-up-can't-stand-light-or-noise migraine that hit about an hour ago, just as we finished dinner! I don't normally panic liike I did this evening, thank God, but I think all the worry combined with the impending migraine just did a number on me. Thanks again guys, for listening to me, and holding my hand when I needed it the I'm going to go take somethng else for this headache and go to bed!
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Oh Cindy,

Honey really wished I was there for you today, please do know that I have been thinking about you all day. I know this can't be easy for you. I really hope Lil bit keeps improving. You are both in my thoughts.

Sleep well!
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Hey guys, sorry I didn't update this morning, I woke up late and dragged out 'cause of the headache meds, so didn't have time to. Lil' miss is still holding her own, she has started fighting me some when I give her the TF, so I call that a good thing! She's showing some intrest in food, so hopefully in a day or so, she can get her TF in it instead of via syringe!
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Keep on keepin' on, Little Bit!! I so hope that TF can grab hold in time. Meanwhile, Cindy, you and your wee girl are in my thoughts and prayers.
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So good to hear about her spirit...thank you for the update
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continuing to think about you and your little girl Cindy - you are constantly in our thoughts
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I'm thinking of you Cindy, I just said a prayer for Bit.
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You're getting better every day, precious Little Bit!
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Thats great to hear that she's starting to eat Cindy!

Keep it up Lil Bit
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I just caught up on this so just to say I hope you continue to see her get better. I know what it is to think they are going to pass any moment. But it sounds as if htere is hope after all. Stick with it.
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I'm happy to hear she's doing somewhat better - hopefully it's the beginning of an upward trend.
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Aww Cindy. I'm so glad she seems to be picking up a bit. Sending lots of positive vibes for her continued recovery and for her poor Mommy who's worrying
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How is Little Bit doing today Cindy?
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Guys, my little girl passed away in my arms a little while ago. I've asked Heidi to close this thread for me, as I'm headed off to Crossing the Bridge. Thanks for all your love and support!
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