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Another Stray Kitty Question

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OK the kitty I thought was stray, it turns out she belongs to my neighbors, but escaped and is scared of them and won't come near them. So they told me I could have her and take care of her. However, I found out she's not spayed and doesn't have shots. Do you guys know of any ways to get free or extremely cheap shots and spaying? I had thought I had heard of free spayings, but I really don't know where that is. I did make her a little shelter, though I'm not sure she's using it yet.
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Are you taking her into the house?
I am not familiar with services in your area - but why not try calling the local SPCA and start there?

I thank you for helping her and taking care of her. I thionk that animals like your new little friend have the most grateful heart!

Another thought. Would the previous owners be willing to help with the cost?
In the Health Forum Sandie has placed a link about programs for low cost spay.
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I don't think the previous owners would be willign to help with teh cost..they are students as well and have very little money, and they're not particurly attached to her. I can't let her in because my roomate's allergic but I made her a little shelter outside. If I coudl find free spaying I would have it done over Christmas Break because my roomate will be in Maine and I can keep the cat inside during her recovery period. Thanks, I'll check out the link. Thanks for your advice

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There are a few organizations in SC. If you really want to take care of her, please get her spayed. If she ends up having a litter of kittens it is going to be more work for you and her. If you can't afford even the low cost clinics, you may want to think about calling around to get her into a no kill rescue or find another home for her. Maybe one where she could be indoors. It sounds like you really care about her well being. It's too bad the neighbors took her in and then forgot about her.
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I'll try to find a low cost clinic..I got a couple numbers off the internet that I'm going to call tommorow. I'm not sure if she'd ever be happy as an indoor kitty..from what I've heard she hates being inside. She apparently was stray when seh was born, which may have something to do with it. I hate to turn her into a shelter because the ones aroudn here aren't no kill, and I can't stand the thought of her being put down. I'm not sure if she'd be adopted, because she veyr skittish and can't stand to be picked up or handled alot, other than petting. She's not what most people wnat from a cat, but I love her, hopefully things will work out. I really want to get her spayed, I'm a firm believer in getting cats spayed.
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If you are anywhere near Augusta, GA, (it is right on the GA-SC border) ther is Dr. Gradous at Springlake Animal Clinic. He is semi-retired and runs a small practice. He will spay and neuter cats very inexpensively. He's a very sweet old guy and works well with cats. 706-593-1310 I think is the right number.
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