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I want to be a movie star and get lots of pictures taken of me! (paranoid, hahaha)

You sure know what you're talking about!
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I'm so sorry you didn't get the job.

I wish you would just leave me alone!

Happy Birthday!

Time for bed!

This is such a horrible gift!
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I've been sober for 3 years now...
It's ok, size doesn't matter...
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(to someone's face) Oh that outfit looks great!
(behind their backs) She looks terrible

Where were you?

(from seinfield as baboo said) Your a very bad man Jerry
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I am so glad you did that hunny!
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This thread is hysterical!!!!
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Oh Thank You so much for inviteing me The dinner was absloutely Marvloussssssssss Of course I'll come back next week
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These are so funny!
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Oh I'm sorry I cancelled it I'm very ill The Noise and the music oh it's just the cats they bumped into the stereo they have been acting stupied all day
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This dude at my school went crazy and started killing people!

I went to the store and found it closed. Apparantly the owner went bankrupt.
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i dont like you
i am so sorry he left you
no of course you said the right thing
i feel like i am in hell
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That happens to me sometimes, when I used to post often here at TCS.
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Karen and Jazzy are back!!!

or with the theme of the thread...

Karen and Jazzy are back!
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Yep, Stephanie! I am back.
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You've been away for so long, Karen!We've missed you so much!
Please never leave us again!

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I thought that was you, Karen! Jazzy is as beautiful as ever!
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Thank you Cris. (Did I spell your name right? )

I was just really busy and working on problems later Stephanie. But now I am on vacation, just for a week with my mother in law.
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I love TCS. It is always so classy.
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Close enough Karen

Or should I say...

Close enough, Karen!
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Ha, Lei!

Have lots of fun on your vacation, Karen!
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I have a horrible headache!

This is the happiest day of my life!!

I love you!!!
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My life sucks!!!

I am slowly going insane from boredom!!

I am being stalked by a maniac with a handgun!!
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This site is awesome!!!
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Ouch, that must have hurt!
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I am glad you worked things out with hubby
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This is related to another recent thread... Sure, I don't mind you going to the bathroom while you're talking to me on the phone!

What noises are you talking about, I didn't hear a thing. ( )

You always make a lot of sense!

I'm not embarrassed at all - I meant to do that!
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Why? is Karen back?
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I´m so sorry for your Accident!......
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Hi Rigel!

How is Milky?
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Hi Rigel!

How is Milky?
Very funnie my friend! ..very funnie!!! ....

Oh hi Karen is a really pleasure to find you here! ...

.... ...............
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