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cat kneading me a little too much...

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My 2 year old neutered male cat likes to knead in my lap. The problem is, after a few minutes he goes into a weird state - if I try to push him off, he meows strangely, and won't budge. If I stand up to make him get off, he meows even more, and almost gets aggressive to get back on my lap. He is purring the whole time. What could be causing this?
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It sounds like he is getting overstimulated. The best way to avoid this is to watch for the signs that he is experiencing sensory overload ... you've mentioned the "weird state" - if you see that beginning, stop allowing him to knead right then and get up to do something else.
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My cat, Toby, used to knead me every night when I was laying in bed he would come up and sit on my lap and knead my stomach. It got to be a pain because he would put all his weight into it and that hurts! But I didn't want to discourage him because I heard that cats do that as a show of affection. It's what they do to get milk from their Mom. Instead of stopping him from kneading all together I got a huge stuffed dog and layed it on the floor at the foot of our bed. Everytime Toby would come in to knead me I would put him on the floor and help him knead the stuffed dog. After awhile it worked and now he goes straight to the dog instead of to me and he actually sleeps with the dog and plays with the dog also! It's so cute!

I hope this helps.

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Marsh also started kneading on me, maybe in the past few months. He sleeps with me, so before going to sleep, he'll knead on my stomach and chest - but only with his paws, he'll also meow a little. it's pretty painful, since he puts all his weight into it. I don't try to discourange him though, because i do enjoy it, to me, it's more of a bonding thing and he purrs the entire time.
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My boy Perriwinkle loves to knead me and the rest of my family. He gets so into it that he kneads with his back paws too. It's the cutest thing I have ever seen. What we do is just put a pillow on our lap or tummy and he kneads that. I feel it is a bonding ceremony, I love it!!!
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