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What do I do?

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My new kitty, Evie is hiding. She arrived last night, and I know it's understandable that she's scared. The thing is, she is not eating or drinking. She got out of her carrier in the living room and started hiding in here, now she's made it to the kitchen and she's hiding under the refrigerator. I can't get her to come out, nor can I get her to show any interest in food. She won't look at me. I'm afraid she's trying to kill herself. I know that the flight down here from San Francisco was traumatizing to her then to be picked up by a stranger at the airport and taken to a strange home with two strange kitties she doesn't know is a severa trauma for her. My heart is breaking for this little girl. I want so much to let her know she is loved and will be safe here, but I've barely even petted her. I'm so scared she won't get food or water into her system before she causes damage, and I can't get to her. She's scared of my cats, and she's equally scared of me. I found her hiding place using the flashlite, but I can't move the refrigerator. I'm so scared for her. I've never had a situation like this. I was going to put her in a seperate room to give her time to adjust, but she got out of her carrier, before I could do it. Now, Simba stands in front of the refrigerator hissing, or Shane goes and lays down in front of the refrigerator, and to my way of thinking, he's trying to intimidate her because she's scared. He doesn't hiss or anything, he just wants to lay in front of her, in a way that if she wanted to get out, she'd have to go past him.

I KNOW I shouldn't have opened her carrier while she was in the living room. It's my fault, but is there anything I can do now?
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Do you have a door to your kitchen? If so, I'd close it, remove your other cats from the room, make food, water, and a litterbox available, and just give her some time to weigh the situation
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Hope, first of all take a deep is going to be ok. I am sure Evie is just scared of this new place, new smells, new kitties and new people. We had a similar situation last week with our new girl Lilly.

Is there anyway you can gate off the other kitties access to your kitchen? If you can put her food and water in a spot where she can see it while she's hiding under the fridge I am sure she'll come out eventually. I am no expert, but I don't think Evie is purposefully trying to kill herself by not eating or drinking. I think by putting her food and water within her reach and trying to keep that area quiet and calm without too many distractions will be the best for her. She'll come around.

Good luck.
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No I don't have a door. I'm trying to keep the other kitties out of there. I've chased Simba out a few times. Simba is pretty scared and upset about her as well, but now that she's hiding under the refrigerator, WAAAAY in the back, he keeps wanting to go in there and stand in front. I am thinking of locking both Simba and Shane up and leaving the house myself for a while. I think she's almost as scared of me as she is Simba and Shane. I have food and water for her, right in front of the :censor::censor::censor::censor:, and there is a litter box in there too. She just lays under the :censor::censor::censor::censor:, curled up in a little ball, and trying her best not to be seen, and she won't look at me, in fact she seems to look away from me, I think in hopes that if she can't see me, then I won't see her.
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I know it may upset Shane and Simba to be locked up for awhile, but I think that's going to be your best option. I think Evie needs some alone time to figure it all out. Hopefully you'll be able to see when she eventually comes out and then lock Evie up in a room of her very own while she gets adjusted. Please keep us posted on how its all going. I know how you feel, I've been on pins and needles myself for the past two weeks with our own shy kitty. Lots of positive calming vibes coming your way.
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I wouldn't be quite so nervous and upset about this, if she would at least eat or drink something. She was probably without food and water,most if not all day yesterday because of her flight. Then when I got her home she refused to eat or drink, she just curled up withdrawing into herself. I just want her to eat something or drink something. I will try to lock Simba and Shane up, I know they can break out of the room if they really tried, but it has those French type of doors that really don't latch. Then I think I'll leave, because I think I'm as upsetting to her as the kitties are. I am more worried about her not eating or drinking than I am about her hiding.
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Hope it is common for new kittes (especially those off of airplanes) to not eat or drink. They have been bombarded with loud sounds, vibrations, smells, scared to death, and trapped inside a carrier where all they can do is await their fate.

Is there anybody you can call to come over and help move your fridge? If you can get someone to help you at least move it out, and give the cat an alternate escape hiding place that would be best? A neighbor? Anyone?

If there is someone, then move the fridge out and see if you can coax her from her hiding place. If you can't coax her then guide her out, using something in your hand to do so. A broom comes to mind, but you need to use it gently as she is already terrified enough. Be warned that once she bolts, she will turn around again to go back into the corner of the fridge, so have something on hand to prevent her from doing so. Get her into another room where there is a closet, or some space where she can hide. Once she is in that room (have food, water etc) there for her already, shut the door and let her be for 24 hours at least.

Good luck!
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I don't think my previous advice is going to be of much help at this stage, and I do agree with the other posters that for now, keeping your other two cats out, and giving her space with as you've done, the food and water in eye shot, is your best bet.

I hope as the day goes on, things improve, I know how much you just want to hold her and reassure her she's in a very loving new home and that all will be okay.
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How did she get under there?? I only have about a inch between the fridge and the floor. She'll come out when she's hungry. I wouldn't force her. Keep the other cats in a different room, so they won't scare her even more. Keep food with in her line of sight and try to stay out of the kitchen. Order out if you have to, just avoid that room all together. She'll come out when she's good and ready.
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I don't have any advice, but I am sending good wishes. I hope your little girl is ok.
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I would do everything possible to leave her alone for at least 12 hours, 24 if you can manage it, with food, water and litter where she can see it. Do whatever you have to do to keep the others out, and keep out yourself ( I know it is your kitchen but this is really important). She is terrified, and now she sees you as a predator trying to catch her - don't worry, she will change that but she really needs a little while to take her bearings and understand that no one is going to catch her and that all she needs is within reach. Don't use flashlights or anything else to see where she is, whatever the temptation, she will only think it another frightening thing she must keep away from. Don't panic, she will be OK, no cat starves itself unless it is ill, she just needs time.
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Sorry guys but I disagree. Having been in this situation, the best thing Hope can do is provide another safer place for this cat to hide. Depending on how long she has gone without food, she may not come out for awhile. Her body will start her on a course of anorexia and she will lose her appetite quickly and not want to eat. Hope, I am really not trying to scare you. But as I said, I have dealt with this situation many times with strays. You need to get her out from under the refrigerator however you can and provide a room where she can hide, but where you can actually see her, monitor her health and actions etc... If I was close enough, I would be right over.
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Thinking of you Hope, best wishes for getting her out of there and somewhere safer- and a bit easier on your nerves too. Do let us know how things go.
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Hope sweetie try and stay calm as well because you know they can pick up on things like that
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I would isolate the other two cats somewhere out of sight for a day or so, and leave a bowl of tuna and a bowl of water in front of the fridge (within sight) for the new arrival. Maybe put on soothing music and wait it out. The cat has to come out at some point...then take the new arrival and move it into an isolated area for a few days with all the comforts of home.
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I don't have anyone to turn to as far as helping move the fridge. I tried to get her out using a broom handle, and she won't move. I'm crying right now, I'm so scared for her. She is gonna die if I can't get her out. I need all the vibes I can get. I have her little room ready. I just can't get her out from under the fridge. She is so scared the poor little thing, and I think I scared her even more with the broom handle.
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Hope don't cry!, can you not move the fridge slightly yourself?.

Where are the other cats at the moment?
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Not experienced at this, but just throwing out ideas: Would some really smelly food help to get her out - like human tuna?

Are you sure the fridge isnt't on rollers? Mine is, and it will move, but I really have to tug.
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I tried moving it, it's not on rollers. It won't budge for me. it's also in a really tight squeeze between a wall and the stove, so I can't even get leverage to try to just push it. I'm also afraid that if I could move it, she might get hurt, as she is in the back but on the side edges. Nothing seems to make her willing to move.

Does anyone think if I put her carrier and the little bed they sent with her by the fridge, that it might lure her to come out because she is more familiar with those items. It's probably been at least 24 hours since she's had anything to eat or drink, if not more.
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Anythings worth a try?!. So can she be shut in the kitchen away from the other cats?, or does the kitchen not have a door on?
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The kitchen does not have a door. Basically the other cats have been staying out of the kitchen. I've been going in after them, if they go in. This poor little girl she is so terrified you can see it in the way that she holds herself, and she hasn't had one vocal meow at all. She's supposed to be a talker. She's so quiet and so silent and so unmoving you'd never know she was here.
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Oh Hope, I'm sorry! I know I don't have any advice but I'm sending good vibes to both you and Evie! The broom didn't work?

I know this is really serious but please, try not to think about that or you'll only wind yourself up even more. We'll try to think of more ways to help you... is there anyway you can warm up some wet food to entice her? Do you have anything that looks like a giant candy cane so you could kind of hook and pull her out of there? Sorry, I'm not very helpful but I'm trying to be!
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Hope, I know this is going to be difficult for you to do, but my advice to you is to confine the other kitties in a room well away from the kitchen and then just ignore her. Don't try to get her out, don't try to tempt her with food or anything else. Just totally forget she is even there.

You've said you left a litter box and food/water out for her in the kitchen - she will come to them when she is ready and not one minute before.

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I hit the post button before I had finished ...

If she isn't out and exploring your place by tomorrow morning, then call on a neighbor or co-worker to help you move the fridge. But my guess is that she will come out if you are very, very quiet and just leave her alone for now.
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Originally Posted by gayef
Don't try to get her out, don't try to tempt her with food or anything else.
I know I said to try to tempt her with food... I'd go with what she said since I don't really know. But you've got a lot of good advice here so good luck!
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I'll leave her alone...Actually my other cats really aren't bothering her. I can shut them up in the little room which is really just a hug walk in closet, but they can and will break out. However, Evie seems to be as afraid of me as she is the cats, if not more. How do I get her to eat before she does damage to her body? What if she's already done damage to her body by not eating, drinking or going to the litter box for more than 24 hours? I think that plane ride traumatized her, then when a stranger picked her up and took her to a strange home, it was more than she could handle. She's not agressive, but God how I wish I could put he mind at rest. How awful for her to have gone through all of that in a day. She left a home she's known all of her life, apparently it was a 4 hour drive for them to get her to the airport, then she gets on a plane and flies to Los Angeles, where a person she's never met picked her up and took her to a strange place. How awful for this poor little thing. She's so beautiful. Pictures can't do her justice.
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She's had a traumatic time with the flight etc... so it's natural that she's terrified

Do exactly what Gayef says first because she needs some peace and quiet to get her bearings, then if nothing's been ate or drank by tomorrow you can go on to the next step.
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Ok sweet lady, calm down. I didn't mean for you to shove the broom handle at her, I meant if you could get someone to help you move the fridge then use the broom to guide her away. I am truly sorry if I gave you advice that traumatized her more.

If you lower your stress level, she will lower hers. Keep the other cats out of the area. If you have any feliway spray or plug ins, use those in the kitchen. Play classical music really low in the kitchen if you can, keep the lights dim if possible. She is traumatized from the flight and that is understandable. If you have treats, toss them back to her hiding spot in sort of a trail of breadcrumbs if you can. I'm not sure what your set up is, or how she was able to get back behind the fridge, but they choose the most inopportune spots sometimes to hide under. Here at the house, it is usually behind the dishwasher, or under the heater.

If you can get some sardines, use that as her food source- once it is quiet she should catch the scent and want to investigate it. I had one kitty arrive from Orange County a few years ago, the flight traumatized her so much she hid under our dishwasher for days. I couldn't move the dishwasher its a built-in so I just kept tossing treats and catnip back to her to get her out. She wiggled underneath it-
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She actually crawled under the fridge and is actually under the fridge and not behind it. I unplugged it, becasue she was laying against the engine. I don't have that protective thing on my fridge I guess it would be called the skirting, so she can go directly under the refridgerator. She's a quiet as a little church mouse. I don't have the TV on or anything, but I know I'll want to watch TV tonight. I will stop bothering her, and I'll try to keep out of the kitchen myself. I'll get food "to go" tonight. I didn't get a chance to get Feliway. I will keep my other boys out of the kitchen as well. Actually, they are both being pretty good. I know Shane is interested in meeting her, but he's not bothering her. I'll bring their food dishes out of the kitchen so they can eat in the living room. Unfortunately, I have a small apartment so it's going to be hard to keep everyone completely away from her, but I'll do my best. Yes, I feel awful about trying to get her to exit from under the refridgerator with the broom handle. I'm pretty stupid sometimes. I thought that was what you meant for me to do. I should have known better. This is my first experience with a cat that has been traumatized like Evie has been. I just feel so badly for her. I wish I could let her know that I will be good to her and just want to love her.
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First of all you are NOT stupid! So don't even think that! I am used to handling different cats than most. I should have been clearer in my post to you.
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