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customer service rep?

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I finally got an interview and went to it today! That's the good news, the bad news is that it's for a technical support job for Apple computers. The building looks nice and the training is thorough, but I'm kind of scared of the job itself. It seems that I'm walking into a job where people will be yelling at me every single day, and that's kind of scary to me. Has anyone ever been a call centre rep? What's it like for those who have?
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I've never held a customer service rep job but anytime you deal with the public it can be stressful.

I wish you luck, you'll get the hang of it. Eveyone is nervous at first but find more and more courage as time goes on.

Good Luck!
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you will probably get to hear everyone whine, complain and bitc+p
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i do csr, but its for homebuilders, and thats all i hear everyday is complaint after complaint, or why hasnt this gotten done yet, blah blah blah. it wouldnt be so horrible, but i get paid so crappy its not worth it.
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I work in a call center, for an automobile finance company. The work isn't difficult, I'm off of my feet, the hours are good and the money is adequate for my needs. Half of my day is spent doing "soft" collections and half on inbound customer service. The only real fly in the ointment is the project manager.
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I applied at Convergys and they turned me down cause they said I talked like a zombie. From what I saw, though, it wasn't that bad. They were all getting complaints and stuff, but it's just on the phone. Think of it as a bad comedy

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That was my job for 10 years. I was a techie for Software firms. Sure, there are the folks that whine and cry and yell, but you have to make the job count when someone tells you, "Thanks! You are the greatest!" even if that doesn't happen very often. Live for those times. Also be prepared for nothing to ever be finished or closed. That's just the way it is. Many people can't handle that. If you don't know an answer, be the person who knows how to find it. You don't have to know everything. Document EVERYTHING! They will have a software to track your calls, log everything you say and do in it because it's your BEST backup when a customer complains. Save everything for 3-6 months (more if the customer is testy). And relax and enjoy! I've had the most fun doing that job and it's a great in to the market. I'm now a Project Manager and still loving my job.
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I have a customer service jobs for medical groups, pharmacy help desk (troubleshooting online pharmacy claims) and medical collections for about 10 years before I hurt my back. I have to say that I took soooo much abuse from the callers. I know from experience that you will get burned out really quickly. After about 1 year when the call center I worked for added a line just for the doctor's office staff it wasn't bad. The first year I was there I was taking patient call, doctor's office calls, and insurance company calls and I hated it. I'm not trying to scare you I was just telling you about my experiences and I have to say I don't miss being yelled at several times a day for things I had no controll over.
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I used to work in a call center and it was stressful at times. I just had to remember it wasn't me that they were mad at. It was the issue at hand.
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I worked for Convergys over the holiday season last year. They handle customer service for the Post Office. I would rather have my fingernails ripped out with rusty pliers than do that again. When it gets to be social security welfare check time, all we got were calls "where my check is? can't you look and see if it there? did they send them out? I just want to make sure, what you mean this aint the post office on the corner, that the one I called, how some *itch in NC gonna know anything bout my check?" Those always included language that would get you kicked out of most truck stops.
I knew someone that worked customer service for Dell, and he said it wasn't like that at all. He said most of their callers were just frustrated and glad to get help.
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my auntie works in a call centre, and it can be stressfull, but cant any job??
you'll be just fine
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Originally Posted by Cougar
I applied at Convergys and they turned me down cause they said I talked like a zombie. From what I saw, though, it wasn't that bad. They were all getting complaints and stuff, but it's just on the phone. Think of it as a bad comedy

Brandon, I really like your idea of thinking of it as bad comedy. But then so much of the world is, isn't it?
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I tend to be someone who takes these things personally, so I'm concerned that I'm going to hate it and be involved with something that I can't handle. They were very clear that they do get calls where people are frusterated and yelling. I suppose my work at the Mental Health Centre will help me out a bit in that feild.
I guess part of my hesitation is that I really feel I'd be happier doing something else, but the money has to come from somewhere (lord knows Chesters resume is awful...full of meows and purrs). Perhaps I'll have to suck it up for awhile and enjoy what I can of it while I find something better.
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