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scooter got neutered

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He got neutered today, and I picked him up at 5:30p. What a baby he is! We had to put a buster collar on him to preven him from licking. He sure was spunky when he got home, crying at me & wanting attention!...... he kept "air" dancing (kneading into the air) when he'd lay next to me. Now, he is sound asleep on his cat tree Gizmo is hissing at him.
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I'm glad everything went well for Scooter!!!!
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Glad it went well!

Isn't that interesting, how when one goes to the vet, the other sometimes treats him like a stranger when he gets home?
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I,m so glad Scooter is alright Sunlion I,ve just had a thought about that, maybe its the smell of the vet, it might give the other cat bad memories , well it was just a thought
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YEY Scooter!! Glad all went well Tigger!! Make sure he gets lots of !
Aristocat!! I think you could be right!! ha ha ha
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Tigger..... poor little Scooter - a bad day trip and then Gizmo treating him like a stranger! I hope that today brings better times for him.
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Get Well Soon Scooter!

I think maybe Gi74zm mgh22222222222 erf...darn Rudy!... anyway, I think Gizmo might be a little jealous that Scooter got to go ByeBye without him, and is now reacting to Scooters return?
My girls are like that when one goes on a trip and then returns...
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Cleo!! ha ha ha ha....darn those pesky cat paws eh?!!! Just no good for typing!! ha ha ha ha
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Glad to hear Scooter is doing well. I remember our Striker being out of action for about a day after his operation.

Hugs and purrs for Scooter,

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