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Some "First Date" vibes, please?

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So, I've finally managed to get a date. Tonight. On the coast, fancy restaurant on the bay. With a guy who I really like. And who is amazingly good looking. And who is a southern gentleman...he has a deep and rumbly, heavily accented voice, which makes me grin when I hear it.


Frankly, I'm terrified.

It's been - oh, I dunno - about 3 years since I've had a first date, and all the typical nerves are running. I don't think I'll pee in my pants, but it will be a close one, I think....

I went out and bought some new clothes, new shoes, my favorite perfume. I will be styling my hair (as best I can), and wearing makeup, too. I have begun to believe I just might be possessed...LOL.

So anyway, all this is to say that my work will suffer today, and I'll be bailing at about 3 just to get ready. LOL, it doesn't take me 4 hours to get ready, but...hey, I just gotta take that time.

Tums and Alka Seltzer will be on the menu....

Vibes, good luck, prayers that I don't embarrass myself too too badly...whatever you can spare. I'm nervous, excited, terrified, and thrilled. But I must admit, giving a presentation to 1500 people is easier than this...


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Awww, Michele! Everything will be ok, I just know it will! Unless he hates cats or something like that! {{HUGS}} for you and lots of "anti-nervousness" vibes too!
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No, he has one cat. He knows I have five, and doesn't think that's bad (and he's obviously not allergic). He's also a private pilot. Owns his own business...and he's single.


LOLing at myself, too...

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Good luck! I'm sure you'll look fabulous and he'll love ya - what's not to love?
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Oh now come on! A woman who jumps out of perfectly running planes and parachutes to the ground has an attack of nerves about a first date? What is wrong with this picture! You will be fine Noni, just relax and be yourself-
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git er done
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I'm getting butterflies for you! Have fun!!!
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I'm sure it'll go well! Don't worry too much. Just be yourself!
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Wow! With a nice, romantic setting like that, you'll be just fine!

He's probably just as nervous and excited as you are!

Relax and have some fun! Sending you good vibes!
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Michele you'll be fine!. He has a cat so he's passed with us on that one!

Oh and he has a plane!, well there's the transport sorted for the TCS convention "when" we have it!

What perfume you wearing?
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Go get 'em. First dates are always nerve racking, but they're fun. New and exciting adventure. Good luck.
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As long as you feel good about yourself (looks like you'll have that covered, with the new clothes, perfume, hairdo, etc) , you will reflect that on your date and things will go great!
ENJOY THE BUTTERFLIES! They are one of the greatest things about starting something new and exciting (and unfortunately they do not always last terribly long!). This guy sounds like a wonderful catch (cat owner=MAAAAAAAAJOR plus!) and I am sure he thinks of you as a major catch as well. Sit back, relax, laugh, have a great time, and let the sparks fly!
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Michele, he already liked you enough to ask you out, so try not to worry too much! It's going to be fun! First dates can be a bit daunting, but exciting too...like first kisses...you never get to experience that again with the same person, so revel in it!

Keep us updated!
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Have a great time!
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Sending vibes your way, Michele, but I'm sure things will go well, as you already have cats and planes in common. Be sure to tell him about Simon's stunts. I hope you have a great time!
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good luck michelle!!! everything will be fine
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Good Luck. And remember; Be Yourself. Even if that means eating every last bit of that chocolate off of the dessert. Don't hide who ya are. And hey he is owned by a cat so that is a MAJOR plus.
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Oh Michele, you have a good time and try to relax. Remember, he's just as nervous as you are!
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Just be yourself, Michele! You're going to be great! Have a wonderful time, we look forward to hearing all about it!
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Sending (((((((Good vibes)))))) Michele!!!! Good Luck and brings us a couple of pics of the lucky guy!
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Michelle, Thats Great!!!! Have a wonderful time!!!! Be yourself. Ask him a lot about him and tell him about you...except...you may not want to tell him about all of us - just yet. just kidding about that last part.
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First dates are always so exciting! He likes cats, so that's more than half the battle right there. Good luck!
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Be yourself and have fun Michelle!

And we want to hear all about it when you get home tonight!

Lots of ~~~VIBES~~~ coming from Canada!!!
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Hissy, you are more than correct - this shouldn't be a nervous thing for me, but it is.... he did make me promise that I wouldn't go jumping out of his plane; I told him "well, then don't give me a reason to, and I won't"...made us both laugh.

Someone asked me which perfume I am wearing: my favorite, Ralph Lauren's "Romance." Appropriate, no? And the outfit is black slacks, black heels, a black tank (high necked...), and a skyblue shrug. Hair down, and blown out, and make up for nighttime. You think I've planned this enough??? I sound like I'm 13!!!!!!!!

So I'm home, showered, and contemplating my toes at the moment. I'm nervous, but it will be fine; whatever happens, happens, and it's all good.

Someone suggested I tell him about Simon the genius cat...well, he's already experienced Simon for himself...answering the phone LOLOL!!! The phone rang, Simon opened it and meowed before I could get to it, with me in the background hollering "give that to me...Simon!!!!!!", and to hysterical laughter on the other end, I said "hello." Took him a bit of time to stop laughing, and then he asked "was that Simon, your secretary?"

He knows about Simon the supercat...

Sigh...this will be interesting. I don't think I'm going to get photos tonight; somehow, that seems a little fast. But I am bringing my camera when we go up in the plane (if there is more than one date, that's supposed to be the second one [or perhaps third]), and maybe I'll get a shot of him then.


Oh good grief....

And yes, I'll let you all know about it. And yes, work suffered terribly; thank God my assistent was completely understanding, and she's taken it all over as she usually does (she's my lifesaver in more ways than one...I adore her).

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cant wit untill you get home !!!
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I'm so excited for you!!! He sounds like a great catch!!! I hope you'll post soon after the date...we're all very anxious

Have a wonderful time---I'm sure you will. Just be yourself and you'll be terrific!!!
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Oh my gosh!!! How on EARTH did I miss this thread???

Good luck Michele!! Not that you need it. You are a wonderful, caring, intelligent and BEAUTIFUL lady...and honey, you are a catch! If he thought Simon the wonder-cat is hysterical, and he has his own cat, then he's a pretty smart guy too.

Just relax and enjoy it! And we DO want a full report by morning.
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And we DO want a full report by morning
LOL, well, that depends on what time I get in. Too late, then I'll post tomorrow. Too early, and you all will know how the date has gone...LOLOL!

Make-up time....

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Good Luck Michele, have a great time.
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