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My elderly dog.... Fading fast.....

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I went to visit my dad today, first time in a while.
He has lots of animals, and the oldest of them all is Gus.
Gus is a sweet, friendly yellow Lab, who we got from the animal shelter in 1988 (maybe '89?). He was at least 2 years old then, so he's at least 18 years old. He's the sweetest dog in the world, and he was my and my brother's best bud when we were kids.
Gus started wagging his tail and "smiled" when he saw me, and I just sat down and snuggled him and cried. He buried his big head into my tummy, just like he always does when he's a happy dog. I have a feeling that was the last time I'll see my Guster-puppy.
The last time I saw him he weighed at least 100 lbs, and he's down to about 65 or 70. He has arthritis in his back legs, and he's had two stroke-like episodes, so his back legs are a bit wobbly and he doesn't get around too well. My dad has a harness on him so he can help him walk when he has bad moments. He's also rubbed a lot of the fur off his back legs where he lays down so much. My dad says he's eating and drinking just fine, doesn't cry or whine, and isn't acting like he's in pain. He gets special food and doggy meds.
My dad's taking him to the vet on Monday for a check-up (he goes at least once a month), and see what the vet thinks...she might say "keep doing what you're doing" and she might say it's time. If it's time, I don't know how a dog could have a better life than he's had. He lived out in the country for a long time, and got to chase rabbits and deer, and killed ground hogs...he even went to Canada a few times and got to swim in the Great Lakes. He's been a suburb dog for the past few years, but he's got 3 dog buddies and 7 kitty cat friends (one of whom likes to nurse on his elbow) and a family who spoils him rotten.
I hate that he's so old.... Normally I'd tell someone with a dog like that to just put it to sleep, but he just doesn't seem ready to go...he's eating and happy and really isn't acting like he's in pain. He wouldn't let me get away when I got up to go outside...he jumped up and stood in front of me and butted his head into my legs and begged for more attention.

For Gus who now travels a different path
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My goodness, but he has lived a long life, especially for a large dog. I know that doesn't make it any easier, though. I'm sorry for what you are going through.
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That's really hard to see. I can understand what you're going through. My friend's dog, who I knew sense I was a year old is losing hair. He's deaf, blind, and he has a tumor. They can't bear to put him to sleep.

When I was four, he used to knock me over, and I would cry.
Now..he can't even see me. I just layed down with him and pleaded "Oh Tiger..won't you knock me down one more time?"

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Remember, soon he will be young again.

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I am so sorry,,,, A doctor told me recently when the bad days are more than the good days...
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im sorry it doesnt matter what kind of animal it is it hurts the same way when lost. just think gus seems happy he might not be the same dog but i think he is happy. best thing you can do is give him lots of extra love so he will know he is loved and sadly when the day comes he will leave knowing he is so very loved. gus seems to have some fight left in him.
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It's never easy is it. I'm thinking of you, Gus and your family. You'll know when the time has come...in the meantime he knows how loved he is
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Hang in there Gus
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Jenny said it best:

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Remember, soon he will be young again.
If love alone could save these beloved family members, we would never have to cry again.

If it is Gus's time, he will go knowing the love you have for him, and that will mean more than the world. He will be your Guardian Angel, the one you can turn too when times are tough, and know that he is always there until you can meet again.

Gus, hang in there, buddy. You are loved more than you know~
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As said in the above posts, the best comfort, for both you and Gus, is to just love him. When my puppy past in his old years, that's all we could do, is love him. That's all you can do, is love him. Don't let him go on without some love from the humans he loved the most!

Remember, that when the time does come, it is what is best for Gus. You will be saddened, I'm not going to lie, and you will cry, but anytime you need someone to cry to, I'm always open. The mods are, too. We are all here for you in your time of need.

Gus sounds like he is living a long healthy life. He sounds very happy and very loved. I hope he lives to the brim of his life!
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That is so hard. I had two dogs -- Neka and Spunky. They both lived until they were 17 years old. We had to put both of them down and it was the most difficult thing we had to do as a family. For the next year, my mother could not stop from crying anytime we mentioned Neka or Spunky's name. Your doggie has been raised with so much love and affection and that is what it is about. Giving your animal, your family member all the love in the world while they are with us. He is a very blessed doggie indeed.
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No word from my dad, so I guess that means Gus is still kicking. I kind of feel like last weekend was my goodbye to him...I don't get to visit my dad's very much.
Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone. It's appreciated, and nice to know that you all understand.
Thanks again.
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My dog who I posted about a few weeks ago died. My dad took him to the vet...not sure when. He didn't even call to tell me. My brother told me mom and she told me.
Good bye Gus...you had a long and wonderful life...your family misses you!!!
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I am so sorry to hear that.
Hugs go out to you.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Gus!

I know how you feel. I lost my childhood friend Soul(11 years old) in Febuary!
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