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Demanding meows

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Emma is eating her Purina Cat Chow like it's gourmet. She's drinking enough water and loves cold cold water. She's using the bathroom normally and appears healthy. She is 2 years old and is fixed, adopted from the SPCA.

In the past week, her behvaior has changed. She's been really demanding with her meows...long and drawn out and sometimes mean sounding. Well, they are definitely different to me. I'm gone during the day for 8-9 hours but come home and give her lots of attention (it's just me and her) and she actually sleeps with me at night. She doesn't sleep but lays there and gives me a sweet meow if I open my eyes to check the clock. But...these demanding meows that she does most of the evening are making me crazy!! Like I said, she's eating her food and I've increased a little as an experiment but then she threw up. And she's the type of cat who won't eat if she doesn't like it (it was an adventure at the beginning). When she is in other rooms by herself- she often is meowing to herself quietly. After awhile, she stops the demands and calms down. Nothing seems to be bothering her physically!!! My grandmother who has 3 cats suggested that maybe there's something she's smelling outside or she hears that's bothering her. I don't know. Any thoughts??
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Yeah, usually when they start doing this out of the blue either something is medically wrong or something is really bothering them. If you feed her once a day, you can try just keeping dry food out all day for her to nibble. Think back and try to pin point if there were any subtle or dramatic changes in the house or routine. Even little things can throw them out of whack.
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She can be quite the acrobat and may have fallen or something while I wasn't home.

I did step on her tail the other day so who knows. I've sat here and can't think of anything!

I'm taking her for her 2nd dystemper shot on Thursday. I'll ask then. Although, I don't have the greatest vet for behavior issues.
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.....or she finally has found the right button to push with her demanding meows because you respond (they are quite smart that way).

My Loki is known for this, it's only me and him. I also am gone up to 12 hrs. a day and wants me all to himself when I am home on his terms and where he wants and he tries to accomplish this with demanding meows - sometimes I think they can hear him blocks away. As soon as I give in he is the happiest camper alive.

But don't think that stops there because when I would go back to doing what I was doing before the whole thing would start again. I have had to learn to ignor him a bit (my spoiled brat) otherwise he'll be out of control and I would never get anything done. By the way he also sleeps with me tucked into my left armpit.

In regard to the licking.....my Loki also stops in the middle of play to clean himself for a few moments..for him this is normal.

All the best and XOXOXO to your furbaby
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She hasn't been going to the bathroom much at all (less than usual). I cleaned out her litter box last night.

Could she be constipated? If so, is there a way to tell or treat?
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Hmmmm....could be constipation. Look for small hard balls of poop or long hard thin poops. You can treat constipation by giving hair ball gell or Libby's raw pumpkin.
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