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I am never buying anything from Sears again!!!!!!!!

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omg! i am sooo mad.(long!)
tuesday- i went to sears and bought a treadmill, it was on sale for 799$(it was being discontinued). there was also another treadmill(the one taking the discontinued ones place) and it was on sale for the same price... so i told the lady that is the one i wanted... i paid for it and told her i would be back on thursday to pick it up... she put it on hold for me

wednesday- my friend(whose vehicle we were taking to pick it up) called me to get the demensions. i called sears... the lady told me the box was 5.5ftx3.5ftx2.5ft... okay, that would fit!

thursday- we get to sears, the guys brings the box out, and puts it into the suv... it is like a foot too long, so we ask him to tear the platform off of the bottom of it(took off like 4 inches) and of course it is still to long, so we were going to unpack it... well my friend told us to hold on while she called her hubby to see if it would be okay if it stuck out a little and we tied the door down... he said that wasnt the best idea.... but there was a guy that was standing right next to him that volunteer to go get it in a few hours after work... (remember the loading guy was standing there the entire time)

so she got off the phone and we told him to unload it and we would be back in a couple hourse with a truck to get it... i even gave him and 8$ tip... and i asked him to make sure that guy could pick it up.. he showed me the sticked on the box with MY name on it and said he just has to scan the receipt and they will bring it out to him...

a few hours later, that guy and my husband went up there to get it... my hubby calls me from the desk at the fitness area and says, it wasnt being held for us so they sold it to someone else this afternoon but the lady said she would give us 200$ off the new model that took its place(the one that was on sale for 799$ was now on sale for 1099$)

i screamed at him to give her the phone and it was the same girl i bought it from tuesday.... turns out, i had paid for the new one that was taking place of the discontinued one, but she put it into the computer as the older one (probably just so they could get rid of them)... so i told her to let me talk to her manager... and after a 20$ fight with her manager... i told her, my husband is not leaving there without a treadmill, and he will not pay a dime more for it... you dont want me to come up there... and if you dont want to do that, give him every dime back that we paid for it...

she proceeded to tell me that 'i have to understand that she is taking a hit for this' which i understand, but what she had to understand was this is not my fault... you sold my treadmill, a treadmill that was already completley paid for...

and it is a good thing that i didnt get the one this morning, cuz had i got it home and realized it was the old model, i would have freakin went crazy on everyone who happened to be in sears last night....
the models are pretty much the exact same, except for a few things, but that is besides the point, i wanted and paid for the new one...

she sat on the phone and tried to tell me that i was going to have to pay more for the newer one and i flat out told her no... i bought it on tuesday, when it was on sale, i was up there that morning to pick it up and it wouldnt fit and i even told her we halfway opened the box... and she paused and said yep, that one was sold just a little while ago....

she said she would have to talk to the person who loaded it and i told her his name and told her to check her computer cuz we were in the computer(it times from the time you check in to the time you get your stuff) and i even have the receipt that says 'merchandise holding for customer pickup' and it has the stock number on it...

so it wasnt really her, it was the stock person... but the box had my name all over it and that is was being held

i did apologize to her at the end for being rude, cuz omg, i have never been so mean to anyone in my life, i was pissed though, and she said she understood..
this is the model that is going out of stock (and the one that they tried to give me that morning)
this is the one that i actually bought(it was onsale in the store for 799$ as well)

my husband and his friend came home and chris(hubby) looked at me and said really seriously "everyone at the counter could hear you on the phone with her" and i looked at him and said "did they give you anymore crap" no "did you get the treadmill" yes "good"

do you guys agree with me or her? should i have had to pay more for the newer treadmill just because they screwed up?
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Nope. You shouldn't have to pay more because they screwed up. I woudn't budge on that.
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corporate incompetance should not be accepted, and employee's apathy is not an excuse to let yourself get screwed over.

You paid for something, and in the end you got it, so you did good.
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Nope you should not have settled for anything less. You contracted for the new model at a particular price and that's exactly what the company are obliged to provide. Good for you for sticking to your guns
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I have to agree with way!
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Something similair happened to me, was trying to buy a pack of 100 pieces of paper (the last one) and i was just walking so i came back later, and i told them to reserve it, I paid for it, and they said I was 5$ short, And that was for buying the 300 pieces,i wanted the 100, but I had to pay extra cause they screwed up. They still gae me the 100 sheet because i said that i wanted to buy the 100 sheet, i paid for the 300, and got 100 pieces. Im still wotking for minamim wage,and i was buying from Sears too! well, I think that i shoulfve gotten my 100 pieces for the 100 pieces i paid for. I agree with you.
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Speak Out Against Corporate Misconduct!

You did the right thing in refusing to pay extra.
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id love to get a trendmill!
i dont know what company sears is But if i ever see it i definetely wont shop in it
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Being in a semi-customer service type job myself. The salesperson should not have dropped the ball and should have admitted she made a mistake and followed through with the correction, and apology and it would have been nice if she would have given you something for free. I'm glad you got a good resolution to your answer and enjoy your treadmill.
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I hate Sears, too.

Our microwave finally blew after 15 years, so after shopping around, we found a great one at Sears that was on sale. They said that they didn't have any in stock, but it would be there on Thursday. So I go on Thursday to pick it up, and there's no microwave. I thought something was wrong, and luckily there was a lady who was working back in pick-up who gave me the number to the central processing. We called that place and guess what they told us.....

It would be over a month until they had it in stock again because they sold too many.

My mother cussed the guy on the phone out, and we were told that we could have our money back. We left Sears with the refund and bought a great microwave at Lowe's for less money and brought it home the same day.
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I would have done the same thing. I understand everyone makes mistakes, BUT whichever Sears employee was at fault, they are representing the company. You already paid for a particular model! You should have been accomodated with a cheerful smile and a "sorry for the mix-up."
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I definately think you were in the right. I sold large appliances at Sears for quite a while. That job, like exercise equipment sales is commission, a really horrible commission system at that- but I won't get into it. Sears is pretty notorius (sp?) for doing things like that. They will sell the wrong item by ringing in the wrong number or the computer system will say something is in stock when it isn't. I had bosses tell us to tell customers that we had items in when we didn't. If the saleswoman made a mistake you should not have to pay for it. I wouldn't feel bad for sticking up for myself at all, otherwise you would have never gotten what you bought and paid for. Sometimes you have to be persistant.

Nonetheless, Sears is horrible, horrible company to work for and they treat their employees worse than any other place I've ever worked. There's an entire website devoted to disgruntled Sears employees. I'm sure the woman hates her job, but regardless, there's no excuse for that sort of incompetance from every employee you came across.

On a side note, my manager at Sears made $6.50 an hour, the wage she averaged when she was a commissioned sales person. They pay their managers based on their commission average before they were "promoted" to management. I averaged about $9 an hour there, making more than my manager who had been there several years. This might put some of that poor service into perspective.
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Nope I would have told them you have just lost another customer, for having poor service
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Originally Posted by fwan
id love to get a trendmill!
i dont know what company sears is But if i ever see it i definetely wont shop in it
Sears is the U.S. equivalent of Quelle, in other words, a mail order company that also has stores, and is known for household appliances.

IMO, you were in the right, and did exactly the right thing. Sometimes you just have to "scream" to get what you're entitled to.
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