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strange cat behavior

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Hi everybody,

This is my first time posting at this forum and I hope somebody may be able to help me. I have a male grey tabby cat who is 1 yr old. He has been neutered and also make regular vet appointments. My problem is that he urinates on my couch but only when the cushions are on. You see, at first we thought it may have been because of the litter box, so we bought a new bigger automatic litter box and he has no problem using it. As a matter of fact, he never uses the restroom anywhere else but the litterbox unless these particular cushions are put back on the couch. We have tried to febreeze it and also numerous pet odor neutrilizers but to no avail. The strange thing is that he only urinates on this one cushion and nowhere else on the couch. So if the cushion is off the couch he will not use the restoom anywhere else in the house. We have already asked the vet about this and the cat has passed with a clean bill of health (no urinary tract problems). Also, as I said we have an automatic litter box which keeps the litter box clean and he uses that on a regular basis as long as the one cushion isn't on the couch. So I am lost on what to do, as I have tried everything I can think of. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Billy I strongly suggest you get this product it works on all old urine stains no matter how deep they go. The problem with cushions is the urine seeps into the padding and is so hard to get out. If your cat can smell his urine, he will remark the spot over and over again-

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Hi Bill,

You can also try Cat Odor Off which says it's specifically for old stains, or (don't laugh too much!) Anti Icky Poo. Both of them work really, really well.

Are you sure the cat just isn't commenting on your furniture fashion? (Just kidding!)
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Thanks for the suggestions so far y'all. I really do appreciate them. I do not think he is commenting on the couch although my wife did pick out the couch, lol. Another question is, does your cats prefer a particular chair or piece of furniture in the house? I know mine does as far as we have a chair in the office and he doesn't like anybody else to sit in it. As a matter of fact he is meowing to get my attention now. My other cat, which I will have to send links of pictures soon, likes to eat sitting on her hind legs almost like a chipmunk or squirrel kind of amusing as well as the fact that she seemingly 'talks' to us. I think she gets mad for the fact that she can't seem to make us understand her.

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I had problems with a kitty who continued peeing in the same spot (a specific area of carpet). The only way we got him to stop was to illiminate the smell (you have no idea how hard that was) and break the habit by interupting access to it.

Get the stuff Hissy and Nancy recommended to treat the couch cussion. Treat it really well, following the instructions, and leave it in a nice place to dry (out in the sun would be good). Make sure the cat has no access to it for at least a week.

Get those plastic couch covers (like the ones people had in the 70's). Yes, I know they are ugly, but you should only have to use them for a while. Hopefully, the cat will be turned off by the plastic texture and won't want to pee there. This is what we did with the carpet. After getting rid of the smell, we covered the area with a large clear plastic matt.

Also buy a bottle of Feliway and spray it according to the directions around the couch (don't overdo it). One or two squirts on the floor in front of the couch should do it.

Hopefully after a month or two you will break the cycle and he won't repeat peeing there even after you remove the plastic cover. If he does, you probably didn't get rid of the smell.

It may be worth it to try to have the foam replaced inside that cushion. It's possible that even treating it won't get rid of the smell since that foam is deep and really absorbant.

Good luck - keep us posted!
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